My Regular Game

My current campaign (as of April 22nd, 2004) is a Space Opera thingie called Empire of Doors.

My previous ongoing RPG campaign, Secret Origins was a mostly improvised freeform game mixing superheroes (this time with the dorky costumes), In Nomine and the X-Files (or is it Atomic Horror?). This time I don't take notes. This campaign ended April 14th, 2004.

Before this, I ran a Victorian Occult/Swashbuckling campaign called Sultans of Steam. There isn't much documentation on that, but there are two character websites, for Theodore Victor Alexius Warner III and Professor Christopher Neave. The former also has session summaries of the first few sessions. This campaign has since crossed over into Secret Origins, with time-travelling PCs and Ex-PCs.

Older Stuff

My last semi-documented RPG campaign was a mostly improvised freeform game mixing superheroes (without the dorky costumes), Amber and Cthulhu. Occassionally, I took notes.

I have converted most of the material I have (the Word documents mentioned below) into a Movable Type blog, which has the nice feature of allowing people to comment on the entries. The campaign blog has already been updated with more session summaries then available in the Words documents.

So let me present Knights of Time, Kings of Space.

Still available is the "recap" (messy, missing and generally incomprehensible notes summarizing the game) for Knights of Time in DOC Format.

Also, here's an NPC briefing I wrote for a couple of guests who came to play 2 NPCs one session (DOC format). It's a bit more readable than the recap, above.

Finally, here's a new document to recap the campaign's latest phase, called Kings of Space (also DOC format).