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October, 297

The last days of summer move quickly, and the cold winds and late summer snows up north remind us that, as the Starks so aptly put it: winter is coming. And these winds of winter bring with them other things: things this world had long since forgotten. Thomas very clearly, and very inappropriately at times – as he's wont to do – keeps saying that magic is back. And I've seen too much to be able to deny it.

While visiting Winterfell, we've seen this force in full power – and apparently magic flows thick in snake blood. Jon can see through the eyes of wild-beasts – exchanging places with them, Wilhelm says – in a manner which sometimes scares the shit out of me. Kara can vanish from a man's senses – managing even to take Jon by surprise. As for Wilhelm and Thomas – they can do a great many things, the least of which conjuring up balls of fire. Pity they hadn't learned to control the skill before they burned two trees in Lord Stark's godswood. But in a way it's a blessing – I find these northlands too cold anyway, and being banished from Winterfell is a good excuse to warm our bones on our way south – back to Snakewood.

And my dear Braavosi? The Lady Emerald can apparently affect emotions. Strengthening them, weakening them or changing them entirely at a whim. Without the target having the slightest clue it had happened. I am both fearful and excited by this gift of hers.

I see it as no coincidence that the earth shook the first time all six of us fought alongside each other in battle. I don't know whether magic is back in the world, or just in House Lynderly. But we need to take advantage of this fact – quickly.

If we manage to gather all the Lords of the Vale in a force lead by us that would root out the Mountain Clans, it would place me in a position to wed Lysa Arryn - to become Lord of the Eyrie and Warden of the East. Until young Jon Arryn comes of age, that is. That would be enough power for me and my brothers kin to begin doing the work we should. I just hope the Lady Arryn doesn't look too unkindly at mistresses and other lovers.

I'm worried about the magic in my brothers and cousins. I worry that Jon will turn into an animal and never come back. I worry that Thomas and Wilhelm will go too far and burn themselves to a crisp. I worry that Adranna would… I'm not quite sure what. But her power worries me, and not because of what she might do to me in the future – or be doing to me right now without me knowing. But somehow I trust them – even though I've lost sleep over some of them in the past fortnight, I know it'll end up okay. But the one I worry about most of all is my little sister.

Kara is afraid, and when Kara is fearful – so am I. I don't show it to her though. She needs me to be her big brother in this, I know. She is afraid of vanishing entirely – being forgotten. When she said those words a chill went up my spine, a chill which was very hard to hide and make light of in order to put her at ease. We don't understand this power, at all – not even Wilhelm. What if she's right? What if she can't control it and she will vanish forever? Will we be able to find her? Will we even remember our little sister?

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