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 A lunchbreak roleplaying game, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venerable tradition of [[http://​​welcome/​game/​InAWickedAge|In a Wicked Age]]((If you like, you can go there and spend $5 for the guilt free version)). A lunchbreak roleplaying game, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venerable tradition of [[http://​​welcome/​game/​InAWickedAge|In a Wicked Age]]((If you like, you can go there and spend $5 for the guilt free version)).
-===== Oracle ======+===== PCs =====
-The players chose the oracle of Blood and Sex. Classic choice for first timers.+==== Protagonist:​ Tentigo Risus ====
-<WRAP round tip> +Tentigowith surprisingly well healed and almost unnoticed scar across his throatis on top of the owe list, and therefore continues his quest with new vigor: to find Felicia and guard her purity!
-Queen of Diamonds: A happy girlpromised in marriage to gentlemannaive to the danger he represents +
-  * The happy girl: Alex 
-==== Felicia Shaki ==== 
 <WRAP column 20%> <WRAP column 20%>
 +<WRAP column 15%> 
 |dir|10| |dir|10|
 |lov|6| |lov|6|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%>
-Leave home, become independent,​ get some experience and decide for herself whom she weds – Just like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America+
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%>
-See Tentigo marry her little sister+
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-Womanimalcovertlyfar reaching.+Punchline of doomviolenceconsequential for violence.
-Can morph into any animal within less than minute. Like Manimal.+When communicating with someone, able to come up with quip that will create a strong emotional response.
-//A young IT professional is sittingboredin an SQL courseSuddenly she has enough. She gets up and goes to the bathroom, where she turns into a bird and flies out the window.//+//Man in chainsled by two guards. He tells them somethingand they both start laughing uncontrollably,​ letting their guards downHe kicks the shit out of them and runs away.//
-<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​+==== Grand-Duke Emeraldvale ====
-  * The gentleman: Abir+Duke Stanislaw Emeraldvale,​ "​Keeper of the Promise",​ "​Bearer of The Shield of Truth",​ member of the Order of the Guardians of Strathmore (knighted by Queen Gemegishkirihallat herself!) and secretly a cultist worshiper of Bombabotavibi,​ is also back, with a new shiny ring he has stolen as a part of his new cunning plan.
-==== Duke Emeraldvale ====+<WRAP column 20%> 
-Duke Stanislaw "​Stan"​ Emeraldvale,​ "​Keeper of the Promise",​ Member of the Order of the Guardians of Strathmore. +<WRAP column ​15%> 
- +|cov|12|
-{{:​wl:​a.jpg?​200|}} +
- +
-<WRAP column ​20%> +
 |dir|6| |dir|6|
 |mys|10| |mys|10|
 |lov|8| |lov|8|
 |vio|4| |vio|4|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
-Discover Birkhoff'​s fears and weaknesses+Make Tentigo do shit in my behalf - willingly.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
-Offer Felicia'​s womb to the Dark Prince+Fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Dark Prince ​by wearing my stolen ring while drinking a plagued person'​s semen, harvested by a stranger.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 A fucking thief: Covertly. Potent. A fucking thief: Covertly. Potent.
-Can literally strip-search a fully armored suspicious clairvoyant without his victim noticing. ​+Can literally strip-search a fully armored suspicious clairvoyant without his victim noticing.
 //On the airplane, the Duke calls a steward. While asking for a mint he goes through all of the steward'​s pockets, searching for a cellphone. He thinks he finds it. But then the cellphone grows in his hand. And then it rings. // //On the airplane, the Duke calls a steward. While asking for a mint he goes through all of the steward'​s pockets, searching for a cellphone. He thinks he finds it. But then the cellphone grows in his hand. And then it rings. //
-<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ +==== Harreh Birkov ​====
- +
-  * The girl's father, who arranged the wedding +
- +
-==== Bordon Shaki ==== +
-The constitution of an ox. And the brains of one.+
-{{20080411_stoneweight_daveostlund.jpg?200}}+A sick man. Possibly related to the Malkuna Birkhoffs.
 <WRAP column 20%> <WRAP column 20%>
-|act|12,​8| +{{http://​​fs28/​f/​2008/​061/​9/​b/​Lycanthropy_by_maddartist83.jpg?​150}}
-|man|6,4| +
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<​WRAP ​round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP column ​15%> 
-Take over Stan's financial empire+|cov|4| 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Lets get physical: action. Far reaching.+<WRAP round todo column 40%> 
 +<WRAP round todo column 40%> 
-Capable of incredible feats of physical prowess.+<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-//- "And then this mutherfucking farmer takes the coinputs it between his teeth, and **tears** the metal into two. Like it was a fucking piece of fish. Here, I kept the two halves I did".//+Fuckin'​ werewolf: violencepotent.
-//- "You are so full of itStan".//+In his crinos formhe is able to really fuck people up.
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP>+//Scene//
-  * Her little sister+==== Joe and Bobi ====
-==== Monika-Klio Shaki ====+Twin sisters, raised since infancy by a simple but good-natured trapper, not knowing they are actually foundlings, left on his door in a basket along with a rough looking steel ring, decorated with strange symbols.
-Always felt inferior vsher senior beautiful sister. At a young age discovered her special power and the frustration it brings with it. Growing between inferiority and frustration she grew up to be a furious and anarchist 14 years old girl with a desperate need for love.+<WRAP column 20%> 
-{{:​wl:​monikaklioshaki4web.png?​200|}} +<WRAP column ​15%> 
-{{:​wl:​monikaklioshaki4partial.png?​|}} +|cov|12
- +|dir|8|
-<WRAP column ​20%> +
 |mys|10| |mys|10|
 |oth|6| |oth|6|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
-Keep her sister from ever marrying or leaving home, so she doesn'​t have to get married</​WRAP>​ +to reveal their ancestry and claim all of Emeraldvale as their own. 
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +</​WRAP>​ 
-Reveal Birkhoff'​s ​real face to his flockturning them against ​him+<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
 +get hold of a sick man'​s ​spermcastrate ​him if needed, and use it for their concealed purposes.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Quantum future observation:​ with love, broad, with violence+<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-Has vivid visions of future scenes that always come true.+Super natural rubber girls: Myself. Far reaching.
-//Little girl sitting alone while her sister is meeting her fiancé. Suddenly an image flash before her eyes, of him beating her, badly, ​and she knows there is nothing she can do to prevent it.//+Can twist and fold as though made of rubber. Sometimes it almost looks like they can change the shape of their body to fit in tight places.
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP>+//With one twin already in the cage and the other squeezed to the floor under his weight, the officer feels quit confidant when he handcuffs her, so her next maneuver takes him completely by surprise: she folds her leg backwards, twisting it like she was a rubber doll, and reaches out for his handcuffs keys with her toes. While she pulls the keys out, the other twin twists around the cage's bars, half of her body already outside the cage. He gawks at her, stunned. How the hell did she get her head through the bars?//
-  * The priest that is to marry them, highly invested in the ceremony: Rotem+===== NPCs =====
-==== Reverendus Birkhoff ​==== +==== Azaron ​====
-Birkhoffgrew up with 14 siblings, being one of the smaller aged (second youngest) he quickly understood the imbalance of society and as well as family, and vowed to change the very human concept of both, luckily at a young age he found out that he could by talking, convince his siblings and parents to listen to reason (in his eyes). he attributes this ability to a god given gift, and this enforces his delusion that he is chosen to change EVERYTHING. among his various faults is knows the following to be the one and only absolute truth. He is the voice of reason, his is the righteous among men and the lord vengeful instrument. Everything can be sacrificed today for a better tomorrow +A skinnysilent fellow. Always dressed ​in black.
 <WRAP column 20%> <WRAP column 20%>
-|cov|10| +{{azaron.png?​200}}
-|dir|4| +
-|mys|8| +
-|oth|12| +
-|lov|6| +
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<​WRAP ​round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP column ​15%> 
-Make fucking sure the wedding takes placeunder his supervisionso that Stan's ritual misfires and gets Felicia pregnant with the true and supreme God.+|act|10,6| 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column 30%> 
 +<WRAP round todo column 40%>
 +Obtain the heart of the resurrected man, without the rest of Tentigo around it.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Powerful presence: for others, far reaching.+<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-So charismatic he can alter people'​s behaviour to his advantage.+Forbidden Lore: Maneuvering. Potent.
-//As he is preaching to his flock, condemning a liberal cleric, the camera catches the glint in their eyes, and the hey forks and the lit torches with which the mob will burn him alive that very night.//+A dramatic dark ritual for every occasion.
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP>+//It's almost midnight, All Hallows eve, and the cherry trees are in blossom, so every last one of them has at least two hauntings and a poltergeist ready for the big occasion, but only he remembers the ancient calendar. The forth night of the fifth moon is when the stars themselves do battle, which allows him an altogether more elegant weapon. For a wickeder age.//
-  * Her young, lustful and completely hopeless suitor: Oren +==== Old Man Gordo ====
-==== Tentigo Risus ==== +
-Grew up with Felicia, becoming obsessively in love with her, or rather her purity.  +An oldtormented ghost of a man who made a deal (and two children) ​with the devil.
-Torn between wanting her for himself, and risking "​tainting"​ her, becomes obsessed with ensuring she does not belong to anyone else, while engaging ​with other women.+
 <WRAP column 20%> <WRAP column 20%>
-|cov|0| +{{spirit.jpg?​200}}
-|dir|6| +
-|mys|12| +
-|oth|0| +
-|lov|6| +
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<​WRAP ​round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP column ​15%> 
-Guard Felicia'​s virtue+|act|6,4| 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%>+ 
 +<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
 +Avenge his granddaughter'​s abduction.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Punchline of doom: violence, consequential for violence.+<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-When communicating with someone, able to come up with a quip that will create a strong emotional response.+Despair: Maneuvering. Potent.
-//Man in chains, led by two guards. He tells them something, and they both start laughing uncontrollably,​ letting their guards ​down. He kicks the shit out of them and runs away.//+Can really bring folks down with all his moaning.
-<WRAP clear><​/WRAP>+//"​[[http://​​watch?​feature=player_detailpage&​v=MWS0pnxQgKI#​t=1220.5|Sorry,​ did I say something wrong? Pardon me for breathing which I never do anyway so I don't know why I bother to say it oh God I'm so depressed]]"​.//​
-<WRAP round tip> +==== Mefisto ====
-Ace of Clubs: A spirit of the lower air, caught up in joyous human celebration +
-</​WRAP>​ +
-  * The spirit +
-  * The brave and handsome warrior whose triumph is celebrated+
-==== Bomba Botavibi ====+A leather clad dwarf, at the service and disposal of Duke Emeraldvale. He is gaunt, olive skinned and sports an aquiline nose, so the gimp in the pictures below must be his cousin or something.
-A black warrior, built like a God and lustful as one.+<WRAP column 40%> 
-{{http://​​u/​741510_f520.jpg?​100 ​ |a god, I say!}} +<WRAP column ​15%> 
-{{bomba0001web.png?​160|that'​s more like it}} +|act|12,8
-{{bombabotavibi1web.png?​200|but through the eyes of a little girl}} +|man|10,6|
-{{http://​​400wm/​400/​400/​stepanov/​stepanov0908/​stepanov090800137/​5410963-sexual-harassment-white-woman-and-black-man-on-a-white-background.jpg?​200|They keep on coming}} +
-<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ +
- +
-<WRAP column ​20%> +
 |pro|6,4| |pro|6,4|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
-Wants to defile all PCs+Live to see Duke Stanislaw'​s mutilated form groveling in the mud, beggin for pennies.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Fan Desire: man, consequential for myself. 
-His body language, his voice, the African pheromones he excretes... Somehow it all comes together, like the perfect ad. 
-//"​Chockie chokie chocolate?",​ intones the dark Nubian slave, his obese master crawling at his feet, slowly dying, barely able to breath, but still chewing on the dark, creamy delight.// 
 <WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ <WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-  * His selected queen, to be burned on the stake at his side +School ​of hard knocks: Action. Potent.
-  * The priest who lights the fire and gets possessed by the spirit +
-  * A scholar witch, investigating the realm of lower air for decades (or is it centuries? When asked she simply replies "for a while"​)+
-<WRAP round tip> +The fact that he survived these streets as a child is all the proof you need of his sharp wits and understanding of his environment.
-Four of Clubs: ​The graduation ​of an apprentice swordmaker to mastery, ​and its attendant celebration +
-  * The swordmaker +//The man in the street. ​The traffic light. ​The ledge. How surprised they would all be to discover they all work for him.//
-  * His old Master, investing ​in his last apprentice before he retires +
-  * A better junior swordmaker, jealous of the attention given to the untalented apprentice +
-  * The six fingered man who ordered a sword like no other +
-  * The retired mayor who plans to crash the party out of revenge +
-  * An old soldier, terribly scarred, whose (Master built) sword broke at the wrong time+
-==== Agumi Hanotoya ​====+==== Lady Tagrizli ​====
-foreign man, wild and uncouth, badly scarred, with an axe to grind. +painfully sexy and extremely composed woman, with a finger in every pie and piehole in town.
- +
 <WRAP column 20%> <WRAP column 20%>
-|cov|4| +{{http://​​shortorder/​opera-singer.jpg?​200}}
-|dir|8| +
-|mys|6| +
-|oth|6| +
-|lov|10| +
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<​WRAP ​round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP column ​15%>
-Kill Master Shaki'​s entire family, and decorate his house with their dissected remains +
-</​WRAP>​ +
- +
-Guide my sword: action, consequential to others. +
- +
-When pursuing his revenge, his sword strikes true. +
- +
-//"​Father,​ I have failed you for twenty years. Now our misery can end. Somewhere, somewhere close by, is a man who can help us. [Closes eyes] I cannot find him alone. I need you. I need you to guide my sword. Please. [He stands] Guide my sword. [He stumbles around, led by the sword. The sword hits a tree. He leans against the tree, pressing the hidden knot and the door swings open. They enter.]// +
- +
-<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ +
- +
-<WRAP round tip> +
-Queen of Hearts: The rehearsal of the funeral of the city’s aged and beloved mayor +
-</​WRAP>​ +
- +
-  * The mayor +
-  * His eldest and masquline daughter +
-  * His gay young son +
-  * The undertaker / necromancer +
-  * The mayor to be, once the current mayor finally dies +
- +
-==== Councilman Reishir ==== +
- +
-What you get when a worm and a weasel mate and produce something extremely fit to survive. +
- +
-<WRAP column 20%>+
 |act|6,4| |act|6,4|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-<WRAP round todo column ​30%> +<WRAP round todo column ​40%> 
-Cut out Monika'​s brain and deliver it to a necromancer who will brew him magic potion out of it+Enslave Joe and Bobi, and make fortune off their particular strength.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Head of secret police: maneuvering,​ consequential to covertly. 
-From preliminary collection of evidence to a swift execution, there is nothing these guys won't do. 
-//"But it's my child you are talking about",​ screams the farmer, "I can't just...",​ and he breaks down weeping. The man in the grey lays a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. "She is female. Won't even carry your name. Compare that to what will happen to your name if the photos from that camel־jockey convention come out". The farmer clenched his jaw. "But you have to make it look like an accident. Her older sister and her mother, they will never understand"​. The man in the suit removes his hand and smiles the smile he always smiles. "​Don'​t worry. I've just the man"​.//​ 
 <WRAP clear></​WRAP>​ <WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
-===== Setting ======+Wyrmtongue: Self protection. Broad. Maneuvering.
-Malkuna - not so big, yet not so poor village, led by an old and loved mayor who obsessively rehearses his own funeral, home to the renowned swordmaker, Nelvin Shaki. +Can change your perception of reality with careless whisper.
-===== Scenes ======+
-==== Bomba'​s Party ====+//“Of course that was not your basic plan,” Odrade said.//
-In a wicked age, in a not so big yet not so poor village, young Monika־Klio is cheering and waving at the ceremonial wagon. The wagon is harnessed to a pair of gigantic bulls, lusciously decorated from horn-tip to hoof, and is filled with gifts and flowers. The wheels of the cart are massive, strong, old and irregular. On it, towering above her and her friends, is Bomba Botavibi, an African prince who came to study swordmaking with her uncle, Nelvin. Today is Bomba'​s ​day, his graduation to mastery, his celebration (paid for from *his* gold), and as she looks up to him, blinking at the sun behind his back, he makes subtle move and something drops into her handsIt is the silk kerchief that signifies he chose her to be his Queen of the Festivities.+//Waff'​s ​eyes snapped wide open. She was reading ​his mind! “I am dishonored,” he said. “When you saved my life you saved useless thing.” He sank back.//
-[[​watch?​v=sTJ1XwGDcA4|{{fresh.png|She's so Fresh}}]]+//Odrade inhaled a deep breathTime to use the results of the Chapter House analyses. She leaned close to Waff and whispered in his ear: “The Shariat needs you yet.”//
-Not far from there, Reverendus Birkhoff, the zealous local priest, is talking to individual celebrators,​ building his army of fanatics slowly and from the inside. Tentigo Risus, a long time admirer of Monika-Klio'​s elder sister, Felicia, who does not much like the face of Birkhoff, picks up on his victims and helps them – with his sharp sense of humor – see the ridiculous aspects of religion in general and Reverendi Birkhoffi in specific. The reverend notices, and starts preparing his targets to react with extreme prejudice to any such attempts, but at the first show of hostility Tentigo backs off.+//Waff gasped.//
-Still in front of the wagon, Monika־Klio is pausing, not certain what to doHer friends blink at her in disbelief as Bomba lounges off the cart with animal grace, long muscles stretching under chocolate colored skin, and sweeps her of her feet, picking her up like a kitten and placing her at his side.+//Odrade sat backThat gasp said it allAnalysis confirmed.//​
-Bordon, her father, who is busy with Councilman Reishir, sends Felicia to keep her eyes on her younger sister, least she is defiled by the Negro; but Reverendus Birkhoff, who has been eyeing her since she arrived at the fair, launches into an interception course with the intention of posing her with some hard theological questions. +===== Setting ======
- +
-Horrified, Felicia sneaks under a table, searching for a good hiding place in which she can shapeshift into an animal and go keep an eye on her sister. Tentigo, who notices this by power of being totally obsessive and possessive in regards to Felicia, is so surprised, that he utters her name, which Birkhoff immediately notices. He also notices that the cart is about to move, revealing the shapeshifting Felicia to her father, who is still talking to Councilman Reishir. +
- +
-Tentigo wishes to help, but unfortunately he is noticed by one of Birkhoff'​s new converts, full to the brim with the strong local ale, who retroactively takes offense at his jokes and proceeds to kick the shit out of him. +
- +
-With Tentigo out of the way, Felicia and Birkhoff see each other, and as their eyes meet a sudden understanding arises. They are both on the same side. Birkhoff calls out loud to Bordon and distracts him with clerical nonsense and talk of the wedding while his daughter shapeshifts into something black that crawls into the cart. +
- +
-==== A Roll in the Hay ==== +
- +
-In a wicked age, in a wicked celebration,​ Bomba Botavibi, the dark African Prince, is taking little Monika-Klio for a joyride on his festooned cart. His big, black hands caress and explore her pubescent figure as he tells the cart driver (a small, shriveled man, dressed entirely in black) to take them over a conveniently placed hillock, and unto a nearby meadow, hidden from the celebrator'​s site. Behind him, wrapped around one of the flagpoles, is a small, black, lethal looking snake. +
- +
-Monika-Klio is afraid, and wishes to disengage, but Bomba is relentless, and the strange fire in his eyes does not let her turn away. Then he takes her chin in his hand, and stare into her eyes, trying to show her, somehow, a vision of the future. +
- +
-Monika can taste the vision. It is near, and in it she herself is having her very last vision with a side dish of an explosive orgasm, all wrapped around Bomba'​s scepter of delights. With great effort, Monika-Klio denies the heat in her loins and refuses to succumb to the vision and to the future it foretells. +
- +
-Monika-Klio enters some form of psionic struggle with Bomba, trying to arouse fatherly feelings in him, which seems to work rather well. Unfortunately for her, Bomba sees no contradiction between his fatherly emotions and his sexual appetite. He comes from a culture where using one's daughters to sate one's hunger is perfectly acceptable. +
- +
-In her desperation,​ Monika-Klio tries to feed him a vision of her own making. One of the past. A memory, of him defiling her elder sister, Felicia, to his heart'​s content. And this too seems to work rather well. But before anyone finds out if this would deter him from defiling her sister as well, the small black snake drops on Bomba'​s back and bites him right between the shoulder blades. Bomba falls down on his pretty face as Felicia, still in the form of the snake, slithers away towards the trees.+
-Tentigo, in the meantime, who while having his ass kicked by Birkhoff'​s drunken zealot - noticed exactly where the cart was heading, rushes to drip poison into Bordon Shaki'​s ear: "I was attacked, Sir, and they got away, and I'm pretty certain your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs".+The busy port city of Caspit-Timnathhustling ​and bustling with rich merchants ​and wise philosohers.
-==== Slander ​====+==== Beginning - End - Beginning ​====
-In a wicked age, on a field of herbs and wild flowersbusy with beesMonika-Klio finds herself alone with the body of the African princeand his oddly silent cart driverA quick examination shows him to be alive, and probably conscious, but completely paralyzedAnd then she hears the shouting and raises her head to see Tentigo running towards her.+In a wicked age, on a moon lit nighta solitary figure is sitting on the grass in the village center. It's old Gordon Shakicontemplating his past. He recalls that night with the beautiful women who appeared out of nowhere right when he offered ​the gods "​everything"​ in exchange for being able to craft the perfect sword. He recalls how shocked he was when she evaporated the exact moment his semen exploded into her womb. And how happy he was half a year laterwhen his firstborn, Bordon, was bornHe was also sad, because his wife did not survive giving birth to the gigantic baby, but deep down he knew the boy wasn't really hersIt was the deamon'​s childAnd he loved it!
-She does not see Mefisto ​the dwarf - skinnyolive skinnedaquiline nose and shiny leather clothes (aaaqualung) - good friend and plaything of the Duke of Emeraldvalewho is making ​his way towards ​her on his belly, crawling through ​the shrubberyeavesdropping on behalf of his master.+He recalls ​the second visita year later, right after marrying his second wife, and the second birth that followed it. Melvin was as huge as Bordonand his second wife did not survive ​her labour either. He recalls how he slowly became aware of the sacrifice creation requiresbe it his offspring or his wonderful swords. He remembers how his boys started making the very same swords without him ever needing to explain anything to them.
-Tentigo reaches her out of breath. "​Moni"​he pants, "​listen! If you want the wedding ​to get called offyou have to tell your father that you saw Bomba defiling Felicia"​She quickly agrees - accepting ​the way the fake vision she forced on Bomba is already reshaping reality - and then she hears her father bellowing, calling after her older sister, and Tentigo'​s words still ring in his ears.+Eventuallyall those sacrifices begun to weigh heavily on his souland he realized this diabolical madness has to stopHe also realized that now that his sons are forging their own blades, ​the only way to stop it would be to kill them, and himself.
-"Daddy, daddy, Bomba did something to Felicia", ​she callsBordon demands ​to know exactly what happenedbut Moni stutters, and then Tentigo fills in the blanks. "Do not force this young child to describe how the negro defiled you daughter"​. ​Bordon's face grows red. He looks at Bombahelpless on the groundand in a brisk pace walks to the cart, which is pretty huge, tilts it, and topples it over Bomba'​s headwhich produces the satisfying crunch ​and splootch of a cracked skull and a pureed brain. The driver spills ​to the ground and rolls, but remains completely silent.+"What are you doing here?", ​a voice behind him asksHe looks back to see the neighbour'​s boyTentigostanding behind him and staring ​in bewilderment. "Go home, kid!" ​he shouts"But I'm standing right here!", the boy laughs"no need to shout!"​. Gordon just frownsuntil eventually Tentigo shrugs ​and turns away. "Oh, and please say hi to Felicia for me", ​the boy adds before running home.
-Once the initial shock passesMonika-Klio kneels next to the cart and puts her hand on a moist patch of curly hair and mumbles words of parting from the her fatherly would-be-rapist, but Tentigo goes straight to business. "This is horrible",​ he intones. "How can there be a wedding, now that the bride is no longer pure?"Bordon picks Moni up, like all man do, and then slowly turns to Tentigo"​Nothing happened",​ he says in a flat, yet assertive tone"Bomba would beg to differ",​ smirks Tentigo, but Bordon just repeats ​the same words in the same tone, like a person that can topple a cart"​Nothing happened"​Tentigo nods. "Surenothing happened as far as we are concerned, but there are witnesses"​. Bordon looks at the cart driver and says it third time. "​Nothing happened"​. The driver gives a quick nod. "Great idea"says Tentigo, "I better go and check if there were any other witnesses and make sure they know nothing happened",​ and with that he runs back to the main event.+Felicia. If he'll kill his sonswhat will be of his granddaughters,​ Felicia ​and Kilo? They will be orphaned! Perhaps they should ​be killed too? Killing his own granddaughters?​ His own sonsThese maddening thoughts have plagued him for so long... He pulls out the latest blade he madeAdmires itThanwith single guilty swing, he cuts his own head off.
 ---- ----
-In a wicked age, in the center ​of the celebration ​of a squashed African prince, ​Tentigo ​is gathering people around him. "Has anyone else noticed how Bomba defiled Felicia Shaki?", he cries out"Seems like the next duke of Emeraldvale is gonna come out half black!"+In a wicked age, 12 years later to the day, the tormented ghost of Gordon Shaki meets the confused ghost of Tentigo, recently released from her mortal coil by Agumi'​s blade. "What are you doing here??? You can't die! You have to protect my granddaughter'​s wombs! Go back! They must never have children! Never! No matter what! You mustGo. BACK!!!"
-There are whispers and grunts coming from the crowdand also a councilman Reishir ​who walks straight to Tentigo and complains about the bad taste of his jokes, but Tentigo assures him that he is not joking. "Prince Botavibi is dignitary and a gentleman", ​he emphasises, "I'd like to hear his version of this story". "Bomba is dead", ​explains Tentigo with faux disappointment, "Bordon Shaki killed him once he realized he deflowered Felicia. Oh my, what ever will they do with the wedding".+"There is nothing more to do here", says the doctor sadlystanding up from Tentigo'​s bloody corpse. The few people ​who carried his blood spewing body into the doctor'​s shop are not surprised, considering how deep the foreigner'​s sword cut into his throat. "He was bit of an asshole", ​one of them says, "but he sure was a funny asshole". "Yes", ​agrees another, "and now he's dead".
-"The wedding will proceed as planned", ​announces Duke Emeraldvale himselfclimbing slowly of his high horse. He reminds the crowd that Tentigo ​has a clear interest in spreading this lie, and notes how unlikely it is that he would appear so damn pleased if his childhood sweetheart was indeed just raped by a negroThe two of them exchange some harsh words, but Tentigo'​s wit slowly wins the crowd. The exhausted duke cuts himself with his diamon ring in a desperate attempt to create a diversionbut then a pair of majesticgilded bulls show up from behind a hillockcarrying behind them a ceremonial cart with a perfectly healthy and smiling Bomba Botavibi.+"Well, in that case", ​says a familiar voicea bit like Tentigo'sbut hoarser ​and lower, "​I ​would like to drink to being dead for the first time in my life!"Everyone looks amazed as Tentigo slowly sits up and smiles at them. His voice is changed, but his delivery is perfectand they laugh so hard that some of themthe doctor includedsoil themselves on the spot.
-The crowd remains confused.+===== Scenes ======
-==== Revenge ====+Soon, baby...
-In a wicked age, that very night, the Shaki sisters enjoy a cup of hot water and brandy beside the fireplace. Moni tells Felicia of everything that happened with Bomba and their father, an claims that half the village are convinced that Bomba had his way with her. She adds that Bomba himself shares that conviction, but underplays her own involvement in this. She might as well be talking to the lamp. All that Felicia can think of is getting the hell out of here. Turning into a bird and just flying out the window.+===== The Oracle =====
-But not here. Not like this. Not right now. Later. No, really, one day she would. It'​s ​just that she doesn'​t exactly know where to go. And little Monika-Klio is so upset. So perhaps tomorrowOr some other day.+Tentigo'​s ​player chose the Oracle Nest of Vipers, and a card from itThen we draw another three.
-And like thatas if she has not been thinking that very same thing every single night since she first discovered her powersshe goes to sleep.+<WRAP round tip> 
 +Jack of Clubs: The ghost of a suicidea person overcome by guilt and shamewho finds in death no release. 
-----+  * The Ghost: Gordon Shaki 
 +  * The neighbours kid obliged to protect his granddaughters:​ Tentigo
-In a wicked age, a few days later, in the villages main road, two fine white horses lead a thin, black, open roofed hearse. The front of the hearse sports two ceremonial crossing shafts, heavy and smooth, with sharp, decorative points, and in it lies the village'​s ​beloved mayorsurrounded by burning incense, covered ​in chains of flowers, and supporting ​uniquely dissatisfied countenance"I can't hear the wailers from here", he cries. "If you wail this silently in my real funeral I will haunt each and every one of you! Come now, Reverendus, let's start the sermon. Some of us have better things to do than play dead!"+<WRAP round tip> 
 +of Clubs: A noble house'​s ​signatory ringleft behind ​in a street brawl. 
-Reverendus Birkhoff, sick and tired to his bones with rehearsing ​the old mayor'​s funeral, delivers ​the sermon as planned, but underneath ​the old words, his tone and his aura say something new. Something violent. And although ​the brunt of his efforts is focused specifically on councilman Reishir, ​who already entertains some violent intentions towards ​the old mayorand although the old mayor himself is generally well appreciated and loved, every person in the audience (with the possible exception of the mayor himself) encounters the same fleeting thought: "​it'​s about time we have ourselves ​real funeral, and put the old fart in the ground once and for all".+  * The true heir to the noble house: Joe or Bobi 
 +  * The thief who stole the ring: Duke Emeraldvale 
 +  * The butler of the noble family who lost the ring during a drunken brawl: Azaron 
 +  * The unaware young sailor ​who inherited ​the matching ringforged intentionally together ​with her sister as pair.
-As Birkhoff approaches his grand finalehe notices a disfigured stranger, robed in tatters, who approaches the unsuspecting Felicia Shaki and draws a sword! At the last second Felicia backs away, using her feral instincts, and the stranger needs to use every ounce of his strength and dexterity to avoid slashing an innocent sweets merchant.+<WRAP round tip> 
 +9 of Clubs: An underground chambereerie with blue-green lights. 
-Tentigoalways as close as possible to his object ​of admiration, tries to guilt-trip the stranger into relentingafter having almost killed an innocent stranger; but the warrior sticks his sword into the sweet merchant'​s ​pot and uses it to skillfully break off a few tasty bits and toss them directly into his mouth. He chews hard, cracking the candy between his strong teeth, and mirthlessly mumbles at Tentigo"four like you, before breakfast"​. Birkhoff, way back by the hearse, pulls one of the ceremonial staves and tosses it at Tentigo, to be used as a weapon.+  * The spirit that haunts it: Gordo 
 +  * The street urchin who discovered it: Mefisto 
 +  * The mysterioushairy man found chained inside: Birkov 
 +  * The proprietress ​of a wanton-housewho guards ​the magical portal that is hidden beneath it'​s ​foundationsTagrizli
-Having finished his candy, the stranger lounges at Felicia once more, thrusting the point of his sword towards her heart. She only barely evades, badly falling on her back and losing an ear to Agumi'​s sword in the process. The stranger lifts his sword above her. "I am Agumi Hanotoya",​ he proclaims. “cursed Shaki sword, made with devil'​s blood, stayed my hand while my family was being butchered. And now, starting with you, I vow to kill every last member of the Shaki bloodline before this moon is over. Death to the half-bloods!"​ +<WRAP round tip> 
- +of Spades: ​fur-trappersimple ​but good-natured, and his daughter
-And then, just as Agumi swings his sword at her and all seems lost, Tentigo desperately rushes Agumi with the staff Birkhoff threw at him. He manages to stop the blow and save Felicia'​s life, but the blade slices his own throat and he falls down, spraying blood in all directions. +</​WRAP>​
- +
-As people are rushing to help Felicia and Tentigo, the camera drifts back into a longshot and the hearse is revealed. In it lies the old mayor, with a bloody ceremonial staff stuck through his gaping mouth. +
- +
-==== Treason ==== +
- +
-In a wicked age, just before sunset, Mefisto, the dwarf, is standing in the middle of the woods, looking around him nervously. Then a figure wearing black approaches him. It is Azaron, Bomba'​s silent coachman. The two hug with some urgency, and then Azaron opens his mouth and asks "have you got it, brother?"​. Mefisto bows his head, lowering himself even more, and offers to Azaron a comb made of turtle shell, bearing the Emeraldvale coat of arms. +
- +
----- +
- +
-In a wicked age, three nights before the wedding (to be held on time in spite of the bride'​s injuries and the official mourning declared in the village following the gruesome and unexpected murder of the former mayor), Duke Stanislaw “Stan” Emeraldvale,​ “Keeper of the Promise”, Member of the Order of the Guardians of Strathmore, is standing naked in a dark room. The floor and walls are obsidian, as is the perfectly smooth black obsidian altar, stretching in its center, outlined with lit candles of red wax. Around the altar are 12 hooded figures, perhaps men, perhaps mannequin. The Duke himself, being in a pretty ​good state for a 70 year old but in a pretty bad state for a 60 year old, is standing before the altar and behind the only door to the room which is almost invisible when shutbeing black on black. His neck, hands and feet are shackled and chained, but the chains are not fastened to anything. Yet+
- +
-Not far from there, in Reverendus Birkhoff'​s hut, Agumi Hanotoya is holding a turtle shell comb in the center of a seven-pointed sigil and sprinkles some dust around it and on it. As he does this, the sound of the Duke's chanting starts to echo in the room, feint at first, but growing stronger. +
- +
-The Duke is chanting in a strange tongue, dark and guttural and plosive, appeasing the Dark Prince and begging for permission to come into his glorious presence. He reaches some sort of peak, and then there is a sound like a thousand windows shattering, and then silence.+
-He is standing in a strange libraryFully clothed, in elegant yet plain black. And he has no memory of who or what he is. The library is very luxurious, but old, dusty and cobwebbed. As he walks in it, he finds two more men, physically similar ​to him and wearing the same clothes, who are apparently ​also in a similar condition. One of them seems to shine with an painful inner light, contradicting the darkness emanating from the Duke.+  * The trapper: {{trapper.jpg}} 
 +  * His twin daughters: Joe and Bobi 
 +  * Their elderly and somewhat odd looking neighbor ​who likes to stop by for a chitchat ​and also brings some hot soup every now and then
-The other man, not shining with anything in particular, feels for his swords, and finds it. And for the shuriken'​s at his breast, which he finds as well. He, more than the other two, is aware of being on a mission. Following his lead, the oblivious duke looks for something that is important to him. His book. He finds it next to him on the table, and picks it up. At which point the shining man realizes this is what he came for, and simply grabs the book and starts to read through it.+===== Complete Chapters =====
-"I was reading that", remarks the miffed duke. "Well, I'm reading it now", replies the stranger. The third man steps back and lets the two iron their differences. Stanislaw tries to circle the shining man and read over his shoulder, but the man just turns around. After some dancing the Duke manages to position himself properly, but then the other man closes the book, decrees that it is a bad book, of blood and evil, and produces a flame from his palm, intending to burn it to ashes.+We did cool stuff! Here it is! For your viewing pleasure!
-The Duke decides to use his skill and do the incrediblesteal the book under the stranger'​s nose. As he approaches, the stranger - seeming by mistake - takes a step back, and ends up with one foot standing on the Duke's foot, and the other stepping on his cape. And yet, somehow, the Duke is able to grab the book for himself before the world around them cracks, and with the sound of a thousand breaking windows Duke Stanislaw is back at the altar, naked and glistening with sweat, while Agumi and Birkhoff are back in Birkhoff'​s hut.+  * Chapter 1[[Dark Chocolate]]
-"Did you manage to get something of that book?",​ asks Agumi. "​Better than that, my friend",​ replies Birkhoff. "I managed to slip into it something of my own". 
 ===== The Owe List ===== ===== The Owe List =====
-  ​* Tentigo +  ​- Stanislaw 
-  ​Stanislaw+  ​Stanislaw 
 +  - Agumi
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