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-Here our games.+====== ​Here our games ======
-We used to play [[http://​​israel/​bros/​dwiki/​doku.php?​id=smith_and_jones:​home|Shadow of my Cat]], then we played [[Gods and Guardians:​Start|Gods & Guardians]], ​now we play [[mystery|new game]].+A while ago we used to play the games linked to [[http://​​dotan/​roleplaying/​campaign.html|here]],​ but we should really merge that page with this one. Then we played ​[[http://​​israel/​bros/​dwiki/​doku.php?​id=smith_and_jones:​home|Shadow of my Cat]], then we played [[Gods and Guardians:​Start|Gods & Guardians]], ​then we played ​[[mystery]], and then we played [[Amber]] an Amber game, which concluded on June 22nd, 2009. We then played [[Mage:The Ascension|Mage:The Ascension]] (very little wiki documentation ;-() until April 1st, 2010. 
 +We then played like 12 or so levels of [[dnd:​dndreloaded|D&​D4E]] before a D(i)M meltdown lead us to try Apocalypse World for like 3-4 sessions, but the third-person-self-referring GM was indeed burned out. Some games are located [[http://​​israel/​game/|here]] as well. 
 +So, we are now back to doing Supes, in the fabled and fabulous [[Fungi]] first campaign!
-A while ago we used to play the games linked to [[http://​​dotan/​roleplaying/​campaign.html|here]]. 
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