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Table of Contents

Our PCs:

  • XXX Voltaire, 24, party guy, recently
  • James Watts, 50ish, alleged king of Atlantis. Has an alleged wife in Rochester.
  • Mike Moriarty, 34, Librarian, Geek; his hobbies include maintaining silly websites
  • (H)Anna Hadad, 20-ish, artist, destroyer of bikes, possessed with a new-found enthusiasm for Yoga

Some NPCs:

* XXX's dad, Mr. Voltaire, this rich person. * His lawyer, John(?) Smith; sighted in the LIP offices on the Empire State Building; also resembles one of Anna's ancestors, and appears bowing/mocking a regal J. Watts look-alike in one of Anna's art-books (painted by a dude called Gigreouex or something)

Some Events

* Watts taken to police station, presumed crazy, released into the custody of his “wife”. * Trapped in an elevator in Greenwich Village, party boy almost drowns in OObleck * Massacre in the 5th Precinct! Any policeman trying to get near Mike is shot dead by a sniper with a strange weapon. * Smith and wife shot dead in the Dakota building! * James Watts talks to Smith on the phone after seeing him emerge from a body bag in the LIP offices.

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