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Jeffrey Bridges

that's me  Jeff is a total nerd. A math buff, likes to fiddle around with hardware as a hobby, allergic to just about anything, a good boy and a screamer. Weird shit started happening to him and his two friends, and they got approached by several magickal sckhools, including the JCS, The Shadows and The Horus Group. Was kidnapped by Lupines who wanted him to help them through an Umbra pit he previously visited with his friend and died of asthma. A very formative experience.

Was revived by a lupine shaman, did his best to sterilize one of the were-goons and got away. Eventually found his place in USaM, where he currently prospers (his parents never could afford any of the really good schools), solving the equations of magic and building a short-range teleporter and working on his dissertation. The little free time he has is spent in extra-curricular activities such as Theomagical discussions with Enoch.

He also anonymously participates in a very active Technocracy newsgroup on the umbranet, where he unleashes some of his more extreme views under the nom de guerre “deadman”.

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