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Captain Awesome Lesbian

Beatrice Portman. Formerly an anorexic rich kid. Childhood friend of Winona Slade, who used her connections to get her treatment from Slim Gene.

She sports a sporty look - wearing a hockey mask, a tightly wrapped strap around her boobs, a pair of lycra shorts you can check her shave through, and what appears to be knee and elbow pads, but are actually more like bucklers, or little disc-shaped shields that she can throw around in elaborate ways. She is a Captain, isn't she?

* Wrote yesterday but didn't post, so whatevs: *

1)) 2))) 3)).

( I was thinking black make-up/warpaint instead of a mask, like the warboys in Fury Road; cargo/camo pants, army boots, bare torso with o++o or some other noughts and crosses lesbian symbol marked on it with black tape.
( Also, maybe not a rich girl friend but a stray Slade picked up, because you experiment on the poor and desperate, not the rich and litigious.
( Alternative likeness: Jenny Shimizu
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