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The Sinequanon Failsafe Protocol

The biggest problem with heavily modified bacteria is that they require a heavily modified host (maybe we should figure out precisely why - I have a feeling that this is related to metabolic enhancement and the fact that no matter what their power, sups are almost always great brawlers). So it took a lot of unethical testing and at least one unexpected tragedy to come up with Methanopyrus Crepitum, a bacteria that only infects the nervous systems of modified mammals and secrets something nasty that combusts once a critical mass has been accumulated.

The practical upshot is that if you infect someone with one of the resulting strains and supply him with something (marketed and sold by Thork Pharmaceuticals as “Sinequanon”) that breaks up the bacteria poop, you can release your subject into his natural environment with a clear conscience, knowing that if his blood stops pumping or if he gets lost, the good bacteria will cremate your precious IP before anyone has a chance to ask too many questions.

Question: How easy is it to get M. Crepitum infection? I assume it requires deliberate inoculation rather than being infectious. Or is it infectious to prevent unlicensed modification?

“We like to call it LVS, Licensing Violation Syndrome…”

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