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Adranna's Braavos

  • Braavos is 13th century Venice. Watch The Merchant Of Venice with Al Pachino for reference.
  • They have different songs for wooing maidens, married women, courtesans and widows.
  • Big with such rituals, really.
  • They also have love for bureaucracy. And they have lawyers, dammit.
  • The Bravos (young fops who dress up and fence to death over, well, anything) can be found in all social classes. Giacumo Lynderly was one, for example.
  • There's Comedie Del Arte galore, which is much used to criticize politics and local nobility while behind masks.
  • The Comedie Del Arte is full of endless symbolism, and you have to be a local to get it fully: mentioning oil is actually discussing sex, for example; Nobles are masked as sharks, certain flowers represent virtue while others represent fowl play, etc. etc.
  • Masks. Big issue. Very popular.
  • Courtesans charge a lot of money, have a lot of power and choose their own clients. They're a class of their own and have their own power-games and competitiveness; Emerald was one of the best and most famous ones, but not the top one.
  • It's not uncommon for a courtesan to hold a small army of pleasure-slaves, to either entertain her guests as they wait or simply to add variety to their trade. Emerald had four such slaves - two couples of red haired twins: the girls, Gemma and Gessica, and the young men, Errol and Bronn. When she left, she gave the men their freedom, along with an estate and a sum of money to start their lives with. The girls came with her as her maidens (which amused everyone around).
  • Courtesans are more like Geishas than whores, yes? Trained to please, make small talk, flatter, compose poetry, paint, fence, sing, dance, play an instrument and fake being good at all of those in case they're not.
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