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His proper name is Cerello Giatramoni (Keh-reh-low Jah-trah-moan-ee), however he rarely goes by this. The Giatramoni family is quite large and spread out across the Free Isles, and as such there are several 'Lord Giatramoni's and a number of other 'Cerello's, so it is common practise for them to adopt an extra name, often a colour or object, to use among their family, friends and even business associates. This Cerello uses the name 'Sable'.

Currently he is 24 years old. The Giatramoni family has a large number of business holdings scattered throughout the Free Isles, and also a number of shadier deals hidden away from the public eye.

At around the age of 13, Sable started to involve himself with one faction of the Giatramoni crime syndicate. Though he didn't have the street smarts that many of the leaders had, he showed a ruthless streak and a talent for learning quickly that meant he began to pick up a lot of less savory skills. By 15, he had carved out a group of followers and trusted aides, and was himself running smuggling operations, as well as assorted nastinesses of blackmail and burglary. Moreover, he was not just an administrator, but enjoyed participating himself. Though not much of a killer or assassin, he had become a skilled climber and spent many a night roaming the Braavos rooftops with a companion or two, and sneaking into the living apartments of wealthy rivals. In his public life, he began to be involved in family trading, but frankly his talents in the underworld meant that he spent more time involved on that side.

As far as hobbies go, he enjoys anything that tests his mind, and often things that test his body too, but in particular he also paints.

He vastly enjoys tweaking the noses of rivals, or even just people who he thinks could do with being taken down a peg, and uses all his skills to humiliate such victims. This is what, most recently, got him into trouble. (More to be written once he's been in-game a little longer)

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