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It is a sad thing. A tragedy that would better fit a song sung to a little girl to fill her head with mistaken thoughts about life.

It is a sad thing that I sometimes fill my head with such notions. Longing for the songs I was not sung when I was a child on account of my gender.

It is a sad thing that I allow such notions to get in the way of my reason. To let thoughts of true love, and guilt over my base needs taking it away, cloud things I know are right and have lived by all my life.

It is a sad thing that I keep losing you, and yet even sadder thing that this time, through losing you - I also lose a part of myself.

It is a sad thing that as soon as I got you back, I let you slip from my grasp.

It is a sad thing to think that right now, the only way I have to try and speak words to your heart is to use the poetry you rightfully mock so much.

But if I fail to earn your friendshio - your love - again, it will be the saddest thing of all.


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