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The massacre of Strongsong

war is coming and it seems we have been chosen. Chosen for what? I am not sure. We fought a glorious battle and lived to tell the tale. We have succeeded where the Eyrie had failed. Now the question stands, will we manage to rally the armies of the vale against the struggle that is coming? I fear we will not be strong enough. As much as a host would help it will not stop dragons nor the living dead. My dreams haunt me. I wonder weather we will manage to get enough strength to face the awful things that are ahead of us. I realize now that this battle was only the beginning.

These powers we have been given are dangerous. I do not know how far they can go but I do understand their potential to corrupt the wielder as well as his surroundings. It seems we have all paid a price for our abilities and I worry that there is still much to be payed.

I fear for the lives of my family, Gerold who seems almost indestructible yet takes too many chances. Kara who seems to be slowly drifting away from us. Adranna who can help everyone but herself. Wilhelm who seems to at least have some kind of grasp over what he is doing. Thomas is lost in this respect, though I am sure we will find a proper teacher for him. as for me, I find myself staring in awe at the forces before me. Feeling small and week. I wish to protect them yet I find myself feeling inadequate.

Training and gaining strength has become my soul focus, I do not have the luxury to do anything else. I miss the forests. Spending so much time at sea, in the mountains and other men's castles makes me long for our boggy snake infested forest. Just a calm night by the heart tree, a long peaceful sleep.

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