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A Noble Wednesday

Ghoula runs Nobilis


Aiden Paul

Director of Photography

CapeUpper Spine

Dan Brunner


CapeActing Mask

Bob Anderson

Fight-scene choreography



Kaylee (Aurora)

Actress hot

Agents Cutter and Harris

One a speed addict, the other a wife beater

Joe the Tomboy

Totally hot

Anna Marie

Dan's future girlfriend - natural, flirty, TV writer.


Dan's current, declining girlfriend. Blonde.

Snookums and Sundance

Aiden's cats, YouTube stars.


Aiden's It's Complicated

Aiden's roommates


At a 24 hour movie project of pirates on segways vs. ninjas on electric scooters, our heroes meet a dealer and procure some True Blue. Then shit gets real.

Army of light, taking Aurora to activate the Divine Shard. They find a cosmological leak and when the Judge show up they patch it up. They make an inspection, taking account of the base (the drone swarm, the nuclear reactor). The shard is activated and they wake up.

There are cops about, and obviously something happens. Bob calls his lawyer and take Dan camping. Aiden turns ot the cops, who take him under, cops making way to feds making way to homeland security who interrogate and torture him. Dan and Bob feel some of this.

At the camp site, early evening, girl scouts invite Dan and Bob for dinner in exchange for some toilet paper. After eating they tell ghost stories, turning into zombies and trying to do something wicked to our heroes, who barely run away thanks to Dan who burns them with the superpower he had when he was high. The earth echoes under their feet.

Aiden, being transfered to a facility, discovers he has superpowers and does something psionic to the driver. The van flips over and a chain of cars crash behind it.

Dan and Bob see the van flipping and feel it. And then another car steers towards them. They run and rescue Aiden, Dan tearing his chains with his bare hands.

Police shows up, but Bob, now followed by thirty something walking dead people, feels it's OK. Aiden also feels it is safe. The cop comes, and Bob, feeling that he still doesn't have enough walking dead, wants to add him to his collection (he even tells him to get some medics). Dan punches him and breaks his neck. He goes down, gets up and goes to bring the medics. And then Dan realizes Bob made him do it.

Fat Joe tells them they need to bring the agents, Dan goes to do and Aiden goes to help him. On the way he sees a school bus, kids, smoke (middle of the night!), but he sees rescue people coming over so he scans and sees a guy who got thrown away from the road. He super-parkours his way there, lays his hands on him and fixes him up.

Medics show up at Bob's place. His people kill them, and they join.

Aiden tilts something which, in a Rube-Goldberesque sort of chain reaction changes the balance and lifts the parts of the truck that mashed up the agents. Joe collects their bits, mostly liquidated.

Choppers show up, shooting tranqs. Bob raises his hands, and his place shrinks down to ant size. Dan dodges. Aiden gets hit in the thigh, pulls it out, and throws it at one of the choppers. His throw is not strong enough, but his throw chain reactions Dan into throwing it into the back rotor of one of the choppers, where it somehow manages to cause enough damage to make the chopper veer into another chopper, and both explode cinematically.

In Bob's minified place, the door of a half-truck (got there in the chain accident, got halved in the miniaturization process) opens and someone who looks like Bob's agent and tells them they need to go. Bob grows back, calls Dan and Aiden to him, they pass through the car door and show up in the parking lot. The door falls behind them.

Bob sets up a war room, with fat Joe and a tech guy, and tells them to find all the people who died here, coz the agent says they need them over.

Aiden wants to sleep, so he goes out for a walk and meets Jesus.

Or a mural of Jesus that was originally in the pub the party on the set, but covered with vines and ferns which now curtained aside. He finds a chalk painted door, feels something psionic through it, but he does not know how to open it. As he ponders, shows up a chick wearing a medieval dress and sneakers. She is Lauraine, and she explains to him that he can not enter. Then he gets a call from Bob, inviting him to come to morgue, and Lauraine tells him he should go, so he does.

They take an ambulance and drive to the morgue, but there is police there and they do not let them enter because of the zombie attack, so Bob takes them in when no one is looking (Dan hears a report of “officer down”, which is a pretty good distraction). Bob feels his people, who start making their way towards him. The police try to get them, but Dan blocks their way, and gun fire, with vending machines, and then Bob creates a forcefield that stops a bullet, and Aiden activates the sprinklers. In about half Bob finds all of his people, and one by one he opens doors and teleports them to his place.

When they get back, they discover the local inhabitants have taken pretty badly to the zombies, who are really zombies, and not just happen-to-be-dead like the people that died near Bob. So Bob pied-pipers them down to where the divine shard is, thinking at first to toss them in, but eventually deciding to stand next to it and channel energy from it to the zombies, turning them, one by one, to his atomic super-men, being superior predators, capable of great empathy with their pray and their hunting partners.

Then Cutter and Harris are brought, and Bob asks Aiden what to do with them. Aiden, who isn't the tallest guy on earth, thinks about this for a few seconds, stunned, and then steps with his back to the wall, marks a line 10cm below his height, and tells Bob to bring them back, but not taller than that.

Then Fat Joe tells them to open the TV, where they see Aiden and Bob on the FBI's most wanted list. Top ten.

So they say what what. Aiden tries to investigate how internet works where time is stopped, but whenever he tries to break causality he gets a a popup about blocked connection. Aiden also confronts Bob about him being a vampire, for some reason.

Bob sees that there is tension between the newcomer zombie cum atomic men and the ordinaries, so he declares a mixed couple's fuzzball tournament, which Dan joins and rocks (the atomic men are very fucking good, even for his standards - especially an atomic named Phi).

Still requiring another 8 dead people, and remembering how Bob felt his men in the morgue, Aiden opens a phone book randomly and looks at a name. Then he tries another name, and it happens to be on the same address, so Bob and Aiden take an ambulance (with a driver) and head over to a three story building with no visible windows or doors.

The building feels ominous to Aiden, who tries to amplify some lights, but everything feels sticky.

Dan tries to access through a neighboring building's cellar, with Bob's magical lockpicking, but there is no way through. Then Aiden tries to see how the building was built, so he knocks on a cabinet and the specs of the building fall out.

Bob sees that the building does have a door, so he goes out and tries to walk through it. Hit his nose. Aiden tries to see how David (guy from phonebook) enters, and walks through the door.

They are Sandra and David, lawyers, walking into elevator, pressing the right button, talking to Greg, their coworker. Lights flicker. Aiden looks at Greg through the camera, and sees he is wrapped in black shit. They go to a side room and talk to Bob's agent, who says they are in deep shit and opines that they should GTFO.

As they emerge from the room, the lights go out. The hall is naked, degraded, horror movie like. No lift. No openings. And Greg's eyes glow red in the dark.

Judge Aiden looks at him and tries to judge him, and remind him that he is in the bad, so he jumps at Aiden and Bob impales him on a light saber popping from his hand. After a while he starts growling again, and Bob has to kill him again every once in a while. His saber turns into the ceremonial dagger from the initiation.

Aiden uses muscle memory to summon the lift, which almost doesn't work. They get down and a zombie receptionist jumps them, only to be impaled on Bob's other hand. Everything is dark, but they hang on to the floor and manage to get out into a pouring rain. Bob opens a parking car door and takes them all to the Cynefin.

Bob feels Sandra inside him and sicks her out. Aiden follows suit with David. And the Fat Joe comes to show them a video of Aiden's parents being dragged out of their home with bags over their heads by the feds.

Instead of rushing off to save them, the party decides to recruit the last three dead people, as they only have about half an hour of real (outside) time. They feel like they could use some hackers, so they find a transgender hacker named AcidBurn on the Internet - she is in a con in a hotel nearby, so they go there. They convince her to fetch another couple of cool hackers, but then the time comes, and in a great spiritual dance of lights the divine shard is completed.

Then they drive to Aiden's parents, a 2 hour drive, and find no one there, but as they head back they see a dog get hit by a car and die horribly. And then the dead dog gets up.

* * *

After we find and integrate Kayleigh into our band, we discover details about our predecessors, the House of the Black Ship:

Sol The owner, political, go against the king, because incompetent, him and Rebecca work on WWII

Rebecca reads people, key figures in kingdom, her diary ends earlier Regime of Charles stagnant for centuries

Zachary science skinny and high strung guy, tinkerer and dabbler, wants to introduce computers, the king won't let him, plan a big disruption to introduce new things. Was disturbed by the Nazi research. They operated through human proxies.

Zachary is the guy who urged us to continue their work and said they were building a bridge in the last transmission, just as the regime goons were breaking down the walls.

Gustav science, their powers are creative, they can't really destroy, the way to do it. Is to harvest the dark, mentions Baba Yaga

Did experiments, darkness from the bowels of the Earth. Talks about the bridge and the Gray (the quality that Keyleigh has).


PC Agent
Bob Agent (sudo infodump –all)
Aiden Lorraine (Ren fair dress with modern shoes, offers tea)
Kayleigh The driver of her trailer

The Coronation Party

Anne, French she is Art

Jacques, he is Liberte

Putin is a noble!

Harry, William and George

Josephine, Feminist Lesbian with a suit.

a gross Fat man, Louis

Alberta (of Time) queen of Victor. Time jumped when she died.

House of Iron (Germans)

Krishna and 3 other indians

Victorian age, united nobles

A chancel holds 4 max

The Victorians colonized, also they birth nobles

Greta neurotic blonde with 3 hangers-on, 1 woman. Sexy blonde chick with low cut dress Eliza, a geek called Tomah and Adam who is also a physical dude.

Greta is old and comes in nightmares. She talks about the war and Bismarck.

Bismarck went insane because the Americans drove him mad, and he became Hitler.

Greta jumps into the Fat Man (he has a Portal on him) he convulses, the Indian chick touches him and calms him. But Greta is interrogating or torturing the Fat guy. Dan intrudes and she interrogates him psychicly. She says the FG is a traitor, that they destroyed her home, that he must be dealt with now. Monstrous memories Bismarck crinosing.

Gustav and Sol were inquisitors, highly placed.

Greta was House of Iron

Charles enters with Harry and a Samurai with one leg, hand and eye.

Louis is gross and rude.

Hidati apps for Nobles

Gustav defended from external threats

Victor and Alberta kept things still

House of Iron House of Sun went mad

Louis went nuts, Napoleon fought him with Anne and Jacques, Napoleon died.

Art is not Dangerous!?!?

Yamamoto Tsunatomo is the Samurai

Hidaki is the cool young Japanese (makes apps).

Okosan and the bore stayed at home.

Tsahishi house of the Dragon, More houses in China.

Charles/Victor wants to do a big ritual to weave back the tatters of reality. Powers will work in a more limited but predictable way.

William is his capo, baby George seems to have inherited Alberta's power.

Daya (mercy) comes with Greta.

Greta digs into Bob's memory.

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