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 ===== Messing Up ===== ===== Messing Up =====
-[[Smith]] tried to tackle ​the [[Frenzy|frenzied]] [[Magenta Jones|Magenta]] only to learn his own lesson in vampire-fast. He is flipped in the air and smashed ​face up to the ground, where a well placed rock bashes his skull in from behind. Being a vampire he cures this with a simple expenditure of [[Vitae]], but by the time he comes to Magenta is already feeding from the now torn throat of a now beheaded burning-maner whom Magenta ​elegantly "​uncorked"​. ​Eventually ​Smith just cuts himself ​to lure Magenta ​in and lets her feed from his pectoral, and Smith'​s "​magical"​ Vitae helps her snap out of Frenzy pretty goddamn fast.+[[Burning Man]]. Instead of the Winnebago there is now a big fire. The loud sound that accompanied this wondrous metamorphosis is sure to bring people nosing around, and [[Magenta Jones|Magenta]] is in [[Frenzy|no state to entertain]]((Or maybe too keen to entertain...)). Oh, and the skies are getting brighter - Mr. Sun will soon be up and about. 
 +With no time to waste, [[Smith]] tries to body-tackle his frenzied surrogate Sire and contain her, only to learn his own lesson in "vampire-fast". He is flipped in the air and smashed, facing ​up, into the ground, where a well placed rock bashes ​the back of his skull in. Being a vampire he cures this with a simple expenditure of [[Vitae]], but by the time he does this and picks himself up, Magenta is already feeding from the torn throat of a now beheaded burning-maner whom she elegantly "​uncorked"​. 
 +The burning-manner,​ found out by a disappointed Magenta to not be a writer, is scornfully discarded. ​Smith, hearing Sirens in the distance, decides to put a stop to things and  sheds his own blood in a successful attempt ​to lure Magenta ​into feeding straight ​from his pectoralSmith'​s "​magical"​ Vitae helps her snap out of Frenzy pretty goddamn fast, but the sirens are getting louder.
 ===== Cleaning Up ===== ===== Cleaning Up =====
-They toss the body and their bloody clothes (minding their valuables) onto the now burning Winnebago and rush to the nearest RV (this one is a generic RV and not a Winnebago for keyboard related reasons), and Smith "convices" the occupants ​to drive them away. They are long lost friends, after all. S&​M ​go to sleep under the bed (in the linen drawer after plugging the little holes).+The two Kindred hurriedly ​toss the body along with their bloody clothes (minding their valuables) onto the now burning Winnebagoand rush to the nearest RV (this one is not a Winnebago for keyboard related reasons)
 +The current occupants of the RV are Ursula, an aspiring sit-com writer, and Dave, who is bitched by his wife to the point of having to promise to relocate to Hollywood just so she'll let him attend Burning Man. 
 +Smith quickly ​"convinces" the couple ​to drive Magenta and himself to LAX, where they can fly to Illinois, where the Fairy coordinates are pointing. The couple are only too eager to comply. They are, after all, old friendsSo Jones and Smith go to sleep in the linen drawer ​under the bed, after plugging ​all the little holes and just missing a breathtaking sunrise, while Dave "​drives and stops for nothing"​ and Ursula "​guards the linen drawer with her life". Such is the extent one would go through when helping old friends. 
 +===== Murder at the Mansion! ===== 
 +Waking up, Smith relieves Dave and Ursula who - being such devoted friends - have been driving and guarding, respectively,​ for 9 hours straight, without as much as a toilet break. The soiled couple collapse on a bed while Smith parks the RV at a camping site and proceeds to take a shower. 
 +Magenta, now sporting her grave hair (something she usually avoids), goes outside to connect the RV to the local water pipe and have an important phone conversation with O'​Hara,​ who informs Magenta that [[Sisko]] has been murdered and that the Malkavians claim to have proof that Smith is responsible. He demands that the two get to [[New York|NYC]] immediately,​ strongly advising Magenta to preemptively [[Torpor|stake]] Smith. 
 +In the shower, Smith bonds with [[the Cat|the Cat]]. They discuss the conversation with the Fairy, the details of which Smith claims to have totally forgotten and the Cat refuses to uselessly repeat - assuming Smith will only forget it again. Smith exits the shower and puts on Dave's clothes, much to his own dismay. 
 +Magenta, deeply disturbed, takes her own shower while leaving her new cell-phone on the dashboard so Smith can inspect the calls log, which he promptly does. The Cat, attempting some novel form of communication,​ brings Smith a dead mouse, which Smith bemusedly drinks. Seeing how his gestures fall on deaf ears, the cat drags the depleted rodent and presents it to the showering and bewildered Magenta. As if she does not have enough on her shoulders.
-Waking up (Magenta with her grave hair), they have Dave & Ursula go to sleep after Dave has been driving for 12 hours. Oh what a devoted friend. They park the RV in an camping park, where Smith showers while Magenta has a phone conversation with O'​Hara. 
-In the shower, Smith bonds with the [[Cat]], claiming to forget the details of his encounter with the fairies.+===== God's Gift =====
-Smith wears Dave'​s ​clothesmuch to Smith'​s ​dismay. O'Hara tells Magenta ​that Sisko has been murderedand the Malkavians claim they have proof that Smith is responsible. Therefore they should get to [[New York|NYC]] immediately. When Magenta showers, she leaves her cellphone, ​and Smith checks who she talked ​to. The Cat brings Smith a mousewhich he bemusedly drinks.+Finally our heroes arrive at LAX and part with the sleepy ​Dave & Ursula. They feed on the ample bounties of LA'​s ​airport "​food"​purchase real clothes (along with a scary 80'​s ​purse for Magenta, ​camouflaging ​the [[His Brother'​s Knife|magical knife]]and argue whether ​to go back to NYC or continue to IllinoisEventually they take three seats on board the first plane to Chicago (one seat for the Cat, obviously), but not before Magenta excuses herself and sends a detailed update ax to Miles - in code.
 +After boarding, the plane is delayed, and a huge air-marshal comes aboard, sitting himself on the seemingly empty seat next to Smith and Jones. Smith complains to the stewardess, but the marshal sudos her away with his badge. Smith views this as a violation of his copyright and tries to [[Dominate]] the intruder, who turns out to be a werewolf and therefore way more resilient that Smith expected. A psychic battle ensues - the staring of eyes, the gnashing of fangs - till, finally, Smith sends the marshal spiraling into self-pity, and even to a secluded seat, the better to feel sorry for himself.
-They get to LAXafter parting with Dave & Ursula. +Unbeknowest ​to the duothe Cat joins the marshalnow known as [[Theodore]] ​the Black Spiral Dancer, in his seclusion and takes a sample ​of his bloodHappy with this new addition, the Cat goes for a stroll across the plane manifesting his new power: becoming visible and audible in front of [[wiki>​Ailurophobia|ailurophobic]] stewardesses.
-After arguing while shopping for proper clothesand feeding on the ample bounties ​of LA's airport "​food"​Magenta bought herself an 80s purse. Scary. They board on the first plane to Chicagowhile taking 3 seats (one for the Cat, obviously).+
-After boarding, ​the plane is delayedand a huge air-marshal comes aboardsitting himself ​on the seemingly empty seat next to Smith and Jones. After trying to use the proper channels to move the Marshal away (the marshal brushes ​this off), and having ​seemingly psychic-battle with him +Eventually Smith takes pity on the pitiful Ted and makes him his pal. The Cat is much alarmed by thisas is Magentawho likens Ted unto a rabid tiger leashed ​on a piece of string. ​Smith, however, is complacent, ​and argues that they could use the muscle. Theodore is so happy with this new nomination he quickly sends message from his phonesummoning some of his Chicago buddies to welcome ​him and his new pals at the airport.
-Smith uses his DOMINATE-THIS on the Marshal, sending ​him to spiraling self-pity ​and moving to a far seat, to feel sorry for himself.+
-Unbeknowest to the duo, the Cat took blood sample from the Marshalnow known as Theodore the Black Spiral DancerAlso it manifests ​to assorted cat-phobic stewardesses ​and passengers.+This explains whywhen stepping out of the terminal with TheodoreSmith and Jones are greeted by eight of Teddy'​s best pals subsumed in a black stretch-limoOne of them comes up to Smith, takes a long sniff around ​and asks in an uncouth tone of voice: "What are you, Dinner?"​
-Smith takes pity on the pitiful Ted, and makes him his pal. The Cat is much alarmed by this. Magenta also, and she tells Smith that Ted is like a rabid tiger leashed on a piece of string, and that they should get rid of him. Smith, however, is complacent, and argues that they could use the muscle.+===== Leakage =====
-Theodore manages ​to turn on his phone and send message ​to his buddies ​to summon ​welcoming committee.+<​sub>​ 
 +__LAX to O'​Hare/​The Academy Is...__\\ 
 +[[Session IV#​god_s_gift|It was a plane ride from LAX to O'​Hare]],​\\ 
 +and what happened next was **series of unfortunate events**.\\ 
 +(Please stay tuned for what happened next...)\\ 
 +[[Session V#​sorry_ari|The life I breathe for you gives to me new wounds]]\\ 
 +Well to patch and dress as I reflect on what else I could give you.\\ 
 +Maybe I should blindly throw my faith\\ 
 +into the next thing that comes my way\\ 
 +Standing at the back door with [[Magenta Jones|the life that she left behind]].\\ 
 +Are we all the same behind the frame\\ 
 +Beneath the glass and [[Home|fake last names]]?​\\ 
 +**I've been waiting far too long to feel the sun on my back**.\\ 
 +It was [[Session III#​kabluey|big bang]]\\ 
 +and a bright white light from no where.\\ 
 +It turned my coach class window to\\ 
 +A first class seat on the evening news, on NBC.\\ 
 +[[Jeremy Piven|The life I gave for you is yours]]\\ 
 +So keep it, you oughtta keep it.\\ 
 +If I had one last chance to take it all back\\ 
 +You know I'd take take take you.\\ 
 +"​Apologies are all we'll ever be," she said.\\ 
 +Standing on the stairs\\ 
 +Looking back, looking hard at me.\\ 
 +"Well, life is long for those who have to wait," I said.\\ 
 +**It's the choice I had to make**.\\ 
 +**The choice I had to make**.\\ 
 +**It's the choice I had to**...\\ 
-Stepping out of the terminal with Theodore, Smith and Jones are greeted by a long black limo and eight of Teddy'​s best pals. One of them comes up to Smith and asks in an uncouth tone of voice: "What are you, Dinner?"​ 
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