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Session 4 - 7/11/07

Messing Up

Smith tried to tackle the frenzied Magenta only to learn his own lesson in vampire-fast. He is flipped in the air and smashed face up to the ground, where a well placed rock bashes his skull in from behind. Being a vampire he cures this with a simple expenditure of Vitae, but by the time he comes to Magenta is already feeding from the now torn throat of a now beheaded burning-maner whom Magenta elegantly “uncorked”. Eventually Smith just cuts himself to lure Magenta in and lets her feed from his pectoral, and Smith's “magical” Vitae helps her snap out of Frenzy pretty goddamn fast.

Cleaning Up

They toss the body and their bloody clothes (minding their valuables) onto the now burning Winnebago and rush to the nearest RV (this one is a generic RV and not a Winnebago for keyboard related reasons), and Smith “convices” the occupants to drive them away. They are long lost friends, after all. S&M go to sleep under the bed (in the linen drawer after plugging the little holes).

Waking up (Magenta with her grave hair), they have Dave & Ursula go to sleep after Dave has been driving for 12 hours. Oh what a devoted friend. They park the RV in an camping park, where Smith showers while Magenta has a phone conversation with O'Hara.

In the shower, Smith bonds with the Cat, claiming to forget the details of his encounter with the fairies.

Smith wears Dave's clothes, much to Smith's dismay. O'Hara tells Magenta that Sisko has been murdered, and the Malkavians claim they have proof that Smith is responsible. Therefore they should get to NYC immediately. When Magenta showers, she leaves her cellphone, and Smith checks who she talked to. The Cat brings Smith a mouse, which he bemusedly drinks.

They get to LAX, after parting with Dave & Ursula. After arguing while shopping for proper clothes, and feeding on the ample bounties of LA's airport “food”. Magenta bought herself an 80s purse. Scary. They board on the first plane to Chicago, while taking 3 seats (one for the Cat, obviously).

After boarding, the plane is delayed, and a huge air-marshal comes aboard, sitting himself on the seemingly empty seat next to Smith and Jones. After trying to use the proper channels to move the Marshal away (the marshal brushes this off), and having a seemingly psychic-battle with him, Smith uses his DOMINATE-THIS on the Marshal, sending him to spiraling self-pity and moving to a far seat, to feel sorry for himself.

Unbeknowest to the duo, the Cat took blood sample from the Marshal, now known as Theodore the Black Spiral Dancer. Also it manifests to assorted cat-phobic stewardesses and passengers.

Smith takes pity on the pitiful Ted, and makes him his pal. The Cat is much alarmed by this. Magenta also, and she tells Smith that Ted is like a rabid tiger leashed on a piece of string, and that they should get rid of him. Smith, however, is complacent, and argues that they could use the muscle.

Theodore manages to turn on his phone and send a message to his buddies to summon a welcoming committee.

Stepping out of the terminal with Theodore, Smith and Jones are greeted by a long black limo and eight of Teddy's best pals. One of them comes up to Smith and asks in an uncouth tone of voice: “What are you, Dinner?”

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