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Session 9 - 12/12/07

The Eagle's Nest

There is fight scene with the Assamite Ninjas. Magenta frenzies, decapitating vampires left and right. Smith manages to SUDO his assailant the moment he stakes him, displaying brilliant fighting techniques. Smith manages to save himself. Piven jumped on a guy, bite him off, and apparently their vitae is acidic poison. Piven frenzies as well, scarred like hell. Derek huddles on the floor, scared shitless. The Cat jumping at a ninja, suddenly being a very big cat, and saving Magenta from having her ribcage disassembled. The frenzying Magenta and Piven face off, Magenta pulling herself together after fucking him up, and stops herself before drinking the subdued actor-now-vampire. Then Smith takes over the rest of ninjas as well, by Chaining his Dominate. Since this is very taxing, he puts them all to sleep. As that is done, the bars are raised and some guy walks in and talks to Smith in some obscure Arabic tongue, which Smiths seems to understand. That guy has been waiting for him, as fortold by their prophet Bab-Alla (Door to God). Smith asks him to switch to English for the infidels' sake as he takes them to his Zoola.

In the Zoola

That nameless guy takes them to a big hall where Assamites indulge themselves on some sacrificial lamb vitae vampire. There is someone playing a blood-organ, and the smell of incense. He tells the party that this is all a plan set by Cane's nemesis, Hakim, and the 4th phase (the 10th generation) is soon to be in effect. Smith tells him to abort this. He says that he can't. Its already in motion, Shahid-1 is in the air.

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