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Session X - 19/12/07

Prefer Blondes

As a token of their hospitality, and apparently a very humorous and sick gesture from B, Smith is introduced to the 50s star actress Marilyn Monroe, who has been the house ghoul for over 50 years, and has been keeping “young” because of her condition, her mental state, not so good. Smith decides he should embrace her in the next day, as she has suffered enough and Piven needs a sister, anyway. After late supper, Smith and Marylin sleep.

Magenta sends Derek to do some stuff.

The Cat gets his own room, with a very nice pillow.

The next day, at a naked ceremony involving Smith, Marilyn and Piven, after Marilyn has almost been totally drained of blood, Magenta enters. Shocked at this scenario, she slaps Smith, to make him stop. Smith, peeved by this, and in a very delicate state, bitch-slaps her across the room, not very friendly or blood-bonded like, and continues with the siring. Magenta is really pissed-off, and decides to leave.

During the processing, Piven again lets his hunger get the best of him, stakes Smith and starts feeding on him while he was feeds Marilyn. Both childes being draining Smith completely, as the Cat walks in, does his woodoo and sends the world into the mirror, except himself, Piven and Marilyn. Well, maybe they are there, and the world is not.

After the cat decides its a good punishment for the wayward kids he leaves them at his mirror world, and returns to fetch Magenta. Reluctantly Magenta comes back, taking her time with the “I-Told-You-So” unstaking.

Then off they go to space?

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