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Session 10 - 19/12/07


The Assamite spokesman, Abdallah, tells Smith that he has a present for him, left from Bab-Allah, which he will give to him once he returns from prayers. He also extends unconditional hospitality to Smith and his party.

While he prays, the Cat says it can take them all to the Umbra, so they can abort the Assamite satellite (“Shahid 1”) with its orbiting death-ray. But it wants to talk first. So there is much talking and arguing, and questioning Abdallah about ways to abort the mission remotely. In the end, they delay and decide to go to sleep.

However, before Abdallah returns from prayer, Magenta sends Derek back down the mountain, and instructs him to deliver a message to several key figures (Arafel, Anna, etc.) She also tries to get a vision of Bab Allah from a mirror, and sees sauron again.

Abdallah takes them to their rooms; Magenta is dropped off first in a luxurious apartment which she shares with the invisible Cat, while Smith shares his more ascetic room with Piven. As he takes his leave from Smith, Abdallah hands him a box containing Bab Allah's parting gift.

Opening the box, Smith finds a scroll sealed in his own dried Vitae; He absorbs the vitae, recognizing it, and remembers writing the scroll.

Here is Hoh!

Prefer Blondes

As a token of their hospitality, and apparently a very humorous and sick gesture from B, Smith is introduced to the 50s star actress Marilyn Monroe, who has been the house ghoul for over 40 years, and has been keeping “young” because of her condition, her mental state, not so good. Smith decides he should embrace her in the next day, as she has suffered enough and Piven needs a sister, anyway. After late supper, Smith and Marilyn sleep.

The Cat demands and gets his own room, with a very nice pillow.

As she sleeps, Magenta dreams of her younger self, who asks her if she regrets her choice to become a vampire. Later, she offers her a refreshing drink of water cupped between her hands, and Magenta plunges into nightmares of rape and pillage. She wakes up to discover she has diablerized Bertie.

The next day, at a naked ceremony involving Smith, Marilyn and Piven, after Marilyn has almost been totally drained of blood, Magenta bursts in. Shocked at this scenario, she slaps Smith, to make him stop. Smith, peeved by this, and in a very delicate state, bitch-slaps her across the room, not very friendly or blood-bonded like, and continues with the siring. Magenta is really pissed off, and decides to leave.

As Smith feeds Marilyn his vitae, Piven again lets his hunger get the best of him, stakes Smith and starts feeding on him, while Marilyn continues drinking. Both childes are busy draining Smith when the Cat walks in, does his woodoo and sends the world into the mirror, except himself, Piven and Marilyn. Well, maybe they are there, and the world is not.

After the cat decides it's a good punishment for the wayward kids, he leaves them in his mirror world, and returns to fetch Magenta. Reluctantly Magenta comes back, taking her time with the “I-Told-You-So” unstaking.

Then the cat takes them into the Umbra, heading off into space, while at the mountain, Abdallah finishes his sermon to a room of empty robes.

The Tenth Generation have begun to die.

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