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The E T I A

Extra-Terrestrial International Authority. A UN-sanctioned organization formed to defend against, and possible exploit extra-terrestrial activities on earth. Reformed in the 90s from FETA, a US centered body whose itself was formed in the 50s to defend against alien threat.

Men In Black? same thing, only way more bureaucratic.

Known ETIA agents are:

  • brooklyn, who is the liaison assigned to work with Paul and Ringo.
  • Logan, a cigar smoking Canadian tough guy with silly hair.
  • hemingway, a higher-up who can actually make policy decisions.

It has also been established that Hans Finch was closely affiliated with the ETIA.

They have a research facility at the intersection 30th st. and Rockefeller Ave.

The ETIA figured prominently in an earlier campaign, where the PCs created The Embassy.

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