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Morning at the shop Paul tries to talk to Batsheba about her problems, but she is reticent. Eric confesses to have not paid his debt on Da Box to Jimmy his ebay pal, and admits to fritting away the advance Paul gave him on frivolities like rent. Now that Paul is selling the machines for cost, he wants to trade back his box to Jimmy and buy a cheaper one from Paul. Paul threatens not to sell him the machine unless he returns part of the advance and Eric reluctantly relents.

Birkenstock calls Paul for help. He says he is being harassed by some human agency. Rushing to his rescue, Paul finds that IRS officials are paying Birkenstock a visit because he hasn't paid his taxes, claiming that his already paid the human authority. Paul explains to him the finer points of taxation, and tells him to call when the representatives of the authority he already paid to show up to collect again. Birkenstock says it should be around Monday.

Back at the store, Jimmy shows up, and Eric rushes home to fetch him his machine. Both Eric and Jimmy are clearly addicted to using their machines - Jimmy is seriously cold turkeying after selling his machine to Eric. Over the phone, Hank explains to Paul that this is an expected side effect - Terrans enjoy being psychically siphoned.

The John Blake, aka The Synthoid calls up Paul and invites him to check out a UFO that crash-landed in the Mediterranean not far from Blue Island. Showing up, P&R find a big rock in an unnatural crater, and are joined by the Synthoid and some Embassy representatives. Ringo uses his hammer to ascertain that the rock is in fact a hollow shell around some form of space vessel, and Paul detects agitated life inside - a new entry in the_list. Ringo cracks the rocky shell with his hammer, and the agitated alien emerges - a humanoid female, armed and expecting trouble. She asks to be taken to our leader, and disbelieves Paul's claims that he is it. They learn that the alien, named svenga, comes from an interstellar empire in a galaxy far, far away - one which has had no contact so far with any other alien species. She claims that her vessel is an escape pod that homed in on the first beacon it found, and that she used it after being attacked by space pirates.

After some tense moments in which she waves a weapon around and takes one of the Embassy guys hostage, Paul disarms her and convinces her to cooperate peacefully and surrender herself to Embassy custody.

Returning, as always, to the store, P&R meet Terri. Earlier, Ringo had suggested a GIBUSHON movie-going for the comic store staff, mostly to cheer up Batsheba, and Venus - tactful as a God of Thunder's wife - invited her to join them. Doesn't she have the little winged baby with the bow for that shit?

After the movie, and much argument over marching order, they all sit and have coffee, 'cept for Eric who is desperate for a Box fix. Paul hands him the store keys and the alarm code and tells him to take Paul's machine from the back room. Pault as little time to enjoy the awkwardness before the Synthoid calls him and tells him Svenga has gone berserk and is holding hostages in NY. When Paul apologizes for having to go, Terri replies with “Go get 'em tiger”, which makes him all mushy inside, all the way through to the player.

Svenga, taking her new neighbours' polite inqueries as a commie plot of imperial proportions, took the subversive elements hostage. Paul introduces to the novel concept of cultural differences, and more than somewhat bewildered, she accepts.

Back at home, Ringo asks Venus if she managed to girl-talk anything out of Batsheba. She explains that it is a guy problem, but not natural. Someone is “convincing” Batsheba to do crap, literally toying with her emotions. With this new information, Ringo meets Paul back at the shop to see if they can detectivate address on this turd. Which they do (she is Jewish, therefore she uses landlines for her lengthy talks, and brooklyn reverse lookups a name and address).

Showing up at the apartment of one Jeremy Washington, Ringo and Paul brush past a stoned roomate and find Batsheba doing the dirty with Wash and another convinced girl (one day we get her picture too and Bo poses them together with appropriate Secondlife gestures). Batsheba runs out of the room and tries to explain to Paul, soon followed by the other girl, while Ringo rushes in and confronts Washington, who panics when he finds that Ringo is unaffected by his power, and manages to call for backup. Paul hurls him from the window, the backup shows up, pwns Ringo's hammer and thrashes him into unconciousness, Wash commands Paul to forget everything and wander off.

Paul finds himself wandering strage streets for no discernible reason. He calls Ringo, no answer, so he tries Venus, who tells him Ringo is in trouble. With his psychic senses, he finds Ringo, naked and trussed up in some metal vise in an S&M dungeon. Once freed, Ringo calls his hammer to him and uses it to momentarily regain his dignity (well, his clothes at least).

They head back and smack the sense into the two of them, after much setbacks and atmospheric maneuvering.

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