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Bacchus (shall we just call him George?), Paul and Ringo head for Perry Neimand, aka Perseus Nemo's penthouse near central park, where the psychic imprint of the ford entity was last detected. They barrel past the doorman and go upstairs. At Perry's place they are intercepted by his PA, a chick called sheera (“do you spell that with a hyphen?”). She tries to stall them, and Ringo charges off into the house, looking for Perry, but finding mostly pretty women, benchpressing heavy stuff. Meanwhile, Bacchus and Paul are checking out the two cooks, Marie and Jane, who are busy doing interesting things with Tahini, and who seem immune to B.'s mind-altering properties.

Soon it gets ugly, and the cooks whip out sticks, but meanwhile Ringo has found Perry and Sotheby in the Library, with a blonde and another chick. He attacks, knocking out Sotheby, but beset by Perry and his girls, all with a stick-weapon which we shall henchforth call cornice. The blonde grabs Sotheby and escapes into a secret passageway. Perry says “door” and vanishes through a door. Paul arrives, and Ringo tears through the walls of the library, but the secret exits lead only to an abandoned panic room, recently vacated by a teleportee.

More of the cornice-weilding chicks (which we player-know to be atlanteans) show up, and things are tense, but soon talking happens, and it is learned that Perry hasn't been the same since he fell under the influence of his new girlfriend, Frida.

Sheera agrees to accompany P,R&G to Perry's safe house, after extracting from them a promise not to harm Perry. She brings M&J as backup, and Paul calls in the Synthoid, who apparently is a long-time friend of the Atlantean.

At the safe house, a nearby brownstone, they meet up with the Synthoid, with Hans Finch and another of Perry's friends, the_captain. Ringo smashes down the massive blast doors of the safe house, and they find themselves in a big hall with its walls covered with high shelves filled with little figurines. Perry confronts them, and Paul tries to convince him that Frida is evil and destructive. With Ringo interjecting provocative innuendo (“she's a guy, she's a guy!”). Frida shows up, having been training Sotheby, and claims to represent the watchguards There is much arguing with this deceitful entity.

She refuses to summon Sotheby, but eventually he floats into the room with a dramatic interjection, He demonstrates his power by manipulating the figurines, and then Finch steals his thunder and reclaims his power, slams Frida into unconsciousness, and graciously hands the power back to Paul. Perry teleports everyone away, but the Synthoid stays behind and unleashes his power at it's greatest setting (11!), incinerating the brownstone and Frida in a supernova inferno.

Returning to survey the wreckage, Bacchus gives the Synthoid some clothes (party attire), and Paul finds a small metallic cube in the debris - all that remained of Frida.

Paul confers with Watchmen control and with Aleph. He learns what the Watchguard are, and that Ford/Frida was actually a construct. He flies to Antarctica and buries the cube under the ice.

Perry shows up at the shop, buys a Sub-Mariner comic (“this was written about me, you know!”) and sheds a tear for Frida (“I knew she was a construct, but I really loved her. She was my perfect woman”). Paul gives him a box to cheer up.

Back home, Ringo tries to have “that talk” with Venus (“I met this guy who also thought he found the perfect woman…”). He tells her that “this is not working out”.

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