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Episode 3: Red Right Hand

  • An Android and a girl in a VW Beetle float outside the balcony, and have stern words with our heroes.
  • The Embassy leaves, Paul takes Terri home. Ringo stays to talk with Moe.
  • Ringo gives Moe a down payment.
  • The disappearance of Jeffry Brand, a famous rich kid, during a party at the Blood Red makes the news.
  • Visitation Hours
  • Paul and Ringo investigate. They talk to a scared, then mind-blanked waiter called Enrique and an evasive Smith.
  • Frustrated with Smith's evasiveness, they take a break by inviting their gfs to Sushi. Partyman shows up, and takes them (with gfs) to a party where they talk to friends of Jeffry Brand.
  • A talk with Lindsy Lohan points them back in the direction of Smith; Miranda parties on, the others depart and, after Paul has tucked in Terri, they head to Blood Red.
  • Smith evades some more, but when pressed to a corner admits that Jeff was embraced by a couple of Monroes.
  • Partyman and Ringo get frustrated with Smith, and try to start a riot. Eventually, Ringo snaps and Brings da House Down.
  • Outside the wreckage, Ringo tells Paul that Piven Must Die.
  • The next morning, Miranda shows up for work at the comic shop - her 1st day. Partyman brings his own recruit, a hot manga-loving jewish girl from Brooklyn, Batsheba from Bene-Akiva.
  • Then, without warning, Enter Piven.
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