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Episode 6: A Tail of Two Fight Scenes

  • Fight with the Werewolves - Paul gets swatted, then lifts a wolf high-high into the air; Ringo puts on the major hurt onto the alpha and his hanger-on, although he sustains a vicious bite; Finally a n older wolf tries to reason with them, and bravely succeeds.
  • Having settled their argument with the Lupines, they head back from Jersey in flight. Venus is there to comfort the conquering heroes, and Ringo finds she made him a brand new costume. She even has a friend to keep Paul company, a young comic writer named kathleen_van_ice. Paul is too depressed and morbid and heads off home to mope. Ringo and Miranda take Kathleen out for a night on the town.
  • The next day at the comic shop its eric_kowalski (the minatures geek)'s first day on the job. Istar (pornounced Ishtar) construction people show up to break the wall between G&G and the diner next door, Dita's.
  • Paul goes to the Embassy and talks to the Synthoid. He also meets Brooklyn there and learns that Hans Finch (Paul's predecessor) is alive; He talks to him and arranges to meet him at Dita's.
  • Ringo talks to Moe and learns that Frank has been hospitalized. Rushing to see Frank at the hospital, Ringo learns that Mr. Augustino's goon Jimmy roughed him up in retaliation for bringing in “outside help”.
  • Ringo and Paul head back out to Jersey (another bus ride; Paul brings his own suit, which proves impractical) and try to lean on Augustino and his thugs. The goons get riled up and gunfire breaks out. In the mayhem, Augustino shoots Ringo in the eye with a magnum. Then, he ignores Paul's most powerful telekinetic blows and proceeds to beat stunned Ringo to a pulp, first with his fists and then with a hammer which flies to his hand. He even calls down a storm. Paul eventually manages to encase Augustino in dirt, asphalt and concrete, fused into a diamond hard shell, and levitate this high into the air just as Augustino's hammer begins to glow. Then there is an explosion and Augustino's disembodied voice echoes a warning as he vanishes.
  • A wounded Ringo heads home to be patched up, and Paul goes to the comic con orientation meeting to pick up Kathleen, and incidentally gets introduced to Alan Moore, who is hitting on his chick. They head back to Paul's place and after much talking about his broken heart, he allows Kathleen to sleep with him.
  • The following day, Hans Finch comes around to meet Paul at Dita's, which has been joined to the comic store overnight by the diligent Istar constructionists. Finch appears a spry 60-year old, but was in fact born in 1910, and used to look much younger until recently, when his power abruptly passed on to Paul, following his devastating failure to prevent the destruction of Booralla, the sentient mothership of Blue Island1). Finch tells Paul that his power, which he calls The Ring, has far greater potential than Paul has recognized as of yet. He also tells Paul he already has a list of all the resident aliens on Earth.
  • Kathleen shows up at the shop, and much fun is had. In conversation with her Ringo learns that she knows Miranda for a long time, and that there were two Mirandas, one Miranda Rawlins (NY-born girl who worked as an executive in Vertigo comics), and one Miranda Rollins, the Texas-born hooker, who have now merged into his girlfriend (she says “wife”).
  • Paul decides to check on some of the folks on his list, and starts by visiting a watchmaker called sven_birkenstock, who is really an alien from planet Mear. Birkenstock tells Paul that he is being put upon by someone demanding payments.
  • Ringo and Paul head to Jersey yet a third time, to settle the score with Augustino. They find the diner where the fight took place (Our Deli) under construction, empty and boarded up. They go over to the Mad Cow to ask the werewolves if they know where Augustino was at. The werewolves know nothing, but a harassed hooker across the street calls Ringo over, offering sex and conversation. Ringo pays for her info, and she tells him that Augustino packed up and took off for Europe. She calls Ringo by name and is apparently some weak echo of Miranda.
  • Back in New York, Paul and Ringo go to a nice restaurant with Venus/Miranda. There is a couple of arrogant pricks there, one of whom makes a pass at Miranda by sending over a very expensive bottle of wine. When rebuked by Ringo, he reacts with further insolence. Ringo asks him to join him for a smoke outside. Paul tags along, smelling fight scene.
  • As Paul kibitzes from a high perch, the stranger, a man in black with a long leather coat, says “he knows Kung Fu”. He demonstrates why Ringo should not pick a fight with him by touching Ringo and hurling him across the alley with a burst of kinetic energy. Ringo keeps his balance and skids to a halt.
  • “How can you get this?”

named this session:

  • Cathline Van-Ice - Comic book writer hottie friend of Miranda Rawlins (as opposed to Miranda Rollins, friend of Moe).
  • Jimmy - Thug roughing up Frank
  • Johnnie - Frank's Son who took over his restaurant.
  • The Red name was Prof. Heath Redcliff
  • The Turtelette name is Jean
  • The diner next to G&G is called Dita's
  • The new G&G minature-guy employee is Eric Kowalsky
  • Building company who upgraded G&G and Dita's overnight is called Istar Constructions
  • Alien watchmaker is named Sven Birkenstock and he comes from what is called “Mear”
  • dont forget about the Werewolf curse.
although later discovered to be ok
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