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Yes We Can: A History of Mad Science in America

20 years before: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Before MJ & the twins are conceived/born

  1. Thatcher A scientist with a dark secret and a failed project
  2. His Assistant A young scientist in a dangerous relationship
  3. Jenkins A gentle botanist desperate to save his wife from cancer
  4. Slade We can build a better world, if we get the superpowers

2 years before: Pivot on the Playa

The SecuGene pivot – Slade industries buys Slimgene

  1. Elay Thorke Playing the long game
  2. Winona Slade I will destroy my father's company by making it NASA.
  3. ““Juan Carter**, The Investor: “Build me a Lizard”

1 year before: Silently and Very Fast

The AI singularity

5 years before

10 years before: The Assassination of Winston Slade

The Assassins

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