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Kara Lynderly

Kara Lynderly of Snakewood, daughter of Lord Justine Lynderly and Lady Keyya Locke (of Oldcastle).

Year 278 - Childhood

Kara Lynderly is born early in the year 278, her mother dies giving birth to her. This is unfortunate and makes her father a bitter man. Father's resentment towards her does not go unnoticed by the little child. From a young age Kara learns to be quiet, unseen and heard, to avoid upsetting her lord father, whom she never calls father but refers to as Lord Lynderly.

Kara spends most of her time being instructed by Septa and playing with one of her older twin brothers, Jerrold, who seems to have more affection towards Kara than the other members of the family. Already as a young child Kara likes to dress up and wear disguises.

When Kara is 4 years old, Lord Lynderly returns home with her half-brother Thomas Stone, who is a small baby at the time. Being rejected by her father Kara feels connected to the bastard child. She spends a lot of time nurturing and playing with Thomas whom she gives the nickname “Tombstone”.

Year 286 - Silent Sisters and Sorrowful Men

At the age of 8 Kara is being sent away to be a Silent sister. She is not happy with this turn in her life. She misses home and can not understand what she did to deserve this. She feels scared and sad, which will turn into hate and bitterness in the years to come. She blames her Lord father for this misery.

During this period of her life Kara learns a lot about anatomy of the human body, diseases and how to determine cause of death. After a year has passed Kara is quietly starting to accept her fate but still yearns for real human contact. After noticing no one will confront her about her absence she starts wandering outside the coven more and more, and crosses paths with a strange traveler.

This stranger is a man called Gabryel, who for his own reasons unknown to Kara, takes her as his apprentice. Kara is 9 years old at his point. In the years passing Kara learns the secrets and code of an organization called “Sorrowful men”. Being trained in the arts of killing quietly and efficiently, she becomes a master at disguising herself and handling small blades.

Kara slowly grows to be a young woman. At the age of 12 she already is more confident than many common men. She starts to have romantic feelings towards her mentor, who doesn't seem to mind, and they become lovers.(note: this is not aproriate for a Silent Sister!) Suppressed by her obligations as a silent sister and deserted by her father Gabryel becomes her whole world for these years.

It's year 292, Kara has mastered the teachings of her mentor. It's time for her graduation. With Gabryel's help she prepares two types of disease inducing poison and one dose of antidote. Later after the supper the whole coven of Silent Sisters is inflicted with a horrible fatal disease. Kara didn't eat that night, after drinking her weakened poison she hides the antidote inside of the medallion around her neck. At the age of 14 she mass murders the community she lived in for 6 years.

Kara sent Gabryel to bring word to the closest town about this unfortunate event and asks him to send help. This is the last time they see each other for a long time.

Year 292 - Homecoming

Kara is severely sick and is being brought back home to Lynderly castle to be attended by the Maester. First time after days, she wakes up from her feverish sleep in the middle of the night. She can still recognize her home castle and with great effort she finds the medallion still at her neck. In the quiet of the night she consumes the antidote and falls back to sleep with a smile of success on her face. She knows that everything went exactly as she had planned.

The coming days Kara recovers and learns that Jerrold, one of her elder twin brothers, is gone, or rather dead according to their Lord father. Conversations with Johnn give her a reason to think otherwise, and together they plan to find out what really happened to Jerrold. This common pursuit ties the long-separated siblings together stronger than ever. Even though Kara never shares it with anyone what really happened during those years she spent away from home. From Johnn she also learns important knowledge of poisons and tranquilizers.

Reuniting with her younger brother Thomas brings great joy to Kara, and she is in awe of her little half-brother's intelligence and wit. During her absence Thomas has grown up to be a brilliant boy, and Kara feels the need to protect his delicate mind from anything harmful or upsetting.

For their Lord father, Kara still has little love. She acts the way aproriate for a noble woman of the house, but behind the scenes neither Kara nor Lord Justine Lynderly have any desire to improve their loveless relationship.

Kara begins to collect a huge wardrobe of accessories and clothing for her disguising purposes, after all it is only aproriate for a noble lady to have a reasonable selection of clothes.

Months pass and Kara hears rumors of an infamous bandit called “Tombstone”, and quickly figures out that it can not be coincidence. Together with Johnn she comes up with a theory that Jerrold is hiding among the bandits using this nickname that Kara originally gave to their little bastard brother years ago. By the end of the year Johnn and Kara are positive they know where Jerrold is to be found and Johnn leaves home to search for his twin brother. Kara chooses to stay home and watch over their young Thomas to prevent him from falling under their father's influence completely.

Year 294 - Life in house Lynderly

With Johnn gone, Kara dedicates her attention to Thomas and two of them become very close again, like when they were small children. The boy seems to absorb knowledge like food and Kara teaches him anatomy of the human body.

In secret she practices her skills with blade and being a disguise artist. She likes going out of the house without anyone knowing, going to taverns and marketplaces, learning and listening the rumors and tales of commoners and travelers. Kara misses Gabryel, but she knows they will meet again, she still owes him for everything she knows.

Later in the year Kara hears inconvenient rumors about house Lynderly, which one of the house servants has been spreading around. The next night one of the servant wenches mysteriously disappear after spreading “filthy lies” of house Lynderly. She is never seen or heard of again, other servants take this as an example and vow their loyalty. Kara commits her first assassination since her graduation.

Year 295 - Family reunited

Johnn returns home with Jerrold, and Kara is very happy to see them both again. Jerrold is just the way she remembers, warm and open minded, his growing to adulthood hadn't dimmed his spirit. Huge festivities are held for honor of the heroes who have returned, Kara feels the family bond is stronger than ever.

Johnn and Jerrold share stories with Kara of what happened in the past years of their adventures with bandits, Kara doesn't share her past considering the Silent Sisters coven.

Nothing goes on in castle Lynderly without Kara knowing about it, and that is how she later learns about Jerrold's obsessive affinity towards sexual intercourse… (Specifically, Jerrold is a flaming pan sexual) and She decides to pull a prank on Jerrold to test him, and dresses up as an attractive male servant. She knows what Jerrold's weaknesses are in this matter, and it was well worth seeing his brother's expression when she revealed her true identity to him. This is how she reveals her skills as a disguise artist to her brothers, and earns more respect among them as an effective infiltrator.

Another incident as such, happens when Kara finds out about Johnn and the smith's daughter having a sexual relationship. She wants to make sure no bastards are born of this to stain the house's name. So one night just after lights are out, she goes to the smith's daughter with moontea. She makes sure Johnn sees her coming out of the room as a gesture from her part, to let him know that she is looking out for him.

(more to come…)

Character description

Kara is tall for a woman, around 175 cm, standing almost as tall as her elder twin brothers, though clearly slimmer in shape. They all share the similar features of brown curly hair and brown eyes. She has a pretty and confident face with resemblance to her mother. Kara wears her hair relatively short for a woman of her age, reaching half way down her neck. This makes it easier to hide her hair if required for disguising. Kara has rather unisex body, in a way that her female features are not very pronounced, this makes it very easy for her to appear the way she wants to, or as who she wants to. Publicly when she appears as Kara Lynderly, she behaves and looks as is expected of a noble lady of her age.

Kara always carries a weapon, usually a small blade hidden in her clothes.

Family and Lynderly house honor are important to Kara, and she will not doubt to sacrifice anything in order to maintain their reputation. She works to make sure that what happens in castle Lynderly, stays inside its walls.

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