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Nights of the End Times

The game starts in mid December, 2007, in NYC, where the sun sets around half past four and rises a bit after seven.

NightHourWhat what
12000The Party
12230“Thine Childer are Dying”
10530Smith goes to sleep in Jones' bolthole, Jones uses one of her safer havens
21700Magenta frees Smith and goes to lit. class while Smith goes to the Smoke
22000Jones rejoins Smith and they both enjoy a sip of Woody Allen and badly lit photos of Tuna
22130Book a flight to Reno, heading for the Black Rock, earning three hours of darkness
20400 - 3Meeting Bob at Burning Man
20600 - 3Meeting Anna at the relay
20730 - 3Talking to the Fairy
20930 - 3Winnebago explodes, Magenta frenzies
20945 - 3Go to sleep in Ursula & Dave's linen drawer just as dawn breaks over Reno (sunrise is still 30 minutes away)
31845 - 3Showers and phone calls
32130 - 3Boarding flight from LAX to O'Hare and meeting Teddi
30230 - 1Landing in Chicago, losing two hours of darkness, running away from dogz
30430 - 1Reaching Magenta's safe-house and ice-truck, spending the day there
42000 - 1Meeting Piven
40030 - 1Get to Golconda, meet Derek
40100 - 1Piven dies, fight scene ensues, then he is reborn, fight scene ensues
40300 - 1Truck stop
40630 - 1Get to Louisville, after trucking at full speed, two hours to local dawn - Jones feeds in a local newspaper, meets an old acquaintance, see him die and realize its Twelfth Night
40730 - 1Reunite at Smith's party, feed Derek, the parting of ways
51900 - 1Smith restores Piven and, after some difficulties and a dead pizza guy, take him on a night out - at the same time Jones talks to O'Hara, tracks Smith's safe house and barely misses him - they have a phone conversation instead
52100 - 1Both parties (each with an instance of The Cat) go to Cincinnati, losing an hour of darkness
52100Magenta gets to the airstrip, writes to herself and talks to the Cat
52300Magenta wastes Bertie
50000Smith (with Piven) picks Magenta (with Derek) up, per Cat's coordination, in an RV with a built-in driver chick who wants to get to Cincinnati
50800RV is hijacked by mudderfuckin' satanist werewolves who turn out to be on the PCs' side
61700Wake up at Centralia, Pennsylvania and get lecture on Werewolf cosmology from Drinks Alone and Nothing
61800Lecture on Werewolf cosmology from Drinks Alone and Nothing
60500Theodore, per Smith's request, takes the party to Hyderabad, India - through the Umbra, where timelines fail
70000Eleventh night - the party is still in the Umbra, futzing about
92000 + 5Get to India, lose two days and ten hours of darkness, check out Burzmali's
92100 + 5Refresh at a movie set
92200 + 5Find the Wandering Mountain in Golconda, India
92300 + 5Vampire Ninjas!
90100 + 5Go to sleep at dawn (cry-baby I said, right?)
101300 + 5Tenth Night (also referred to as N-Night)
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