Dotan’s New Toy…(II)

Here’s a very cool web toy, Lee’s (Useless) SuperHero Generator! Generate names for superheros, supervillains and super teams, generate origins, equipment and other stuff. Create characters like Robot Ray (his origin: home study course!) Use options like the Alienizer (to make your names unpronouncable!) or the Kewlizer (to make them, well… kewl); Or use the Marvelizer to make all your characters Mutants! Great fun. Go on, try it!


Dotan’s New Toy…

My lame, never updated page is here:

Why would someone who never bothers updating a page want an “editThisPage” page? Well, Covetousness, I guess. Toys. Gotta have ’em. Some guys go for graphic accelerators and speakers, me I like
web toys, scripting languages, and text editors.

Where’s the spellchecker?

Some links

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If you click any link here, it should be this one. If you read Hebrew, go here (for fiction) or here (for opinions and discusion about everything non-technological). Both sites use PHP to rock their world.

Ok, let’s check this page out…

Does Frontier still mangle Hebrew Text like it used to?

? ?

Yes, it does.