This is pretty old, and could do with an update. Except, I don’t write anymore.

More than most people I know, I live in my head. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been thinking up stories, characters and worlds to distract myself from mundane affairs. As I grew older, I found an excuse for indulging in my creative interests: I am a Writer.

The problem with this is that one finds oneself constantly having to justify that title. This is a bit tricky to do when you don’t actually write that much. Or at all. My latest take on this is that creativity is a useful survival mechanism, and if indulging in creative pretensions is what it takes to foster it, it’s easier on the ego to be a writer who doesn’t write than to not be a writer.


Anyway, once on a blue moon, I write and finish something. Here’s some Science Fiction:

Red Rain is a cyberpunk Novella I wrote when I was 18-20.

Requiem(20 KB) – an SF story I wrote based on an idea by Etgar Kerrett, the famous Israeli short story writer. Etgar also had a lot of input into the editing and revisions, but any failings in the story rest ultimately with myself.

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Or, if you’d care to read some fiction in Hebrew, why not go to my page of the New Stage (

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