Monks and Ministers

A Photo Gallery showing the monks and monasteries of Egypt. Also, a page on the history of the Coptic church in Egypt. For Aya (and Kareem). Another nice and unrelated resource is World Statesmen, which lists the heads of nations, colonies, international and religious organizations, and other polities mostly since the year 1700..

Look what Santa brought

Warren Ellis’ Die Puny Humans blog is where he practices his photo-captioning skills, among other things. One I really liked was this alternative Christmas Card, featuring a well-known comics writer… Update: Since the original page is gone, here’s the content, copied via the amazing services of the WayBack Machine: “Look what Santa’s brought for you, […]


Going over my C.V., I get a creepy feeling about my spelling of “web-site”. Google gives only 7.46 million hits for web-site and in fact asks me Did you mean: website? (66.2 million hits!). But spelling matters aren’t really something you should settle with a popularity contest. The online dictionary suggests web-site or Web site, […]