Silly XML hack, take 2

In a previous entry, I posted two tiny scripts for reading out a list of RSS subscriptions in an OPML file. One used regexps, and the other used the handy XML::Simple module. Now, they both sort-of work OK, until they run into an OPML file that’s actually an outline (like the ones produced by SharpReader), […]

Explicitness is an act of violence

Esther Dyson and David Weinberger discuss the goodness of ambiguity in social contexts. The emphasis are mine this time: ED: Ethics! Yes, it’s the most interesting question left [after technology, strategy, policy]. Without ambiguity, there is no free will. DW: Explicitness is an act of violence. You think it’s archeological: You take something and dust […]

Magpie RSS

Magpie RSS is another RSS parser written in PHP. I’m fiddling around with Onyx RSS as a possible replacement for what I’m using in feed (hmm, that page needs updating too…). Too bad no one has written a proper OPML parser in PHP I can steal. All the ones I’ve found so far are pretty […]