Is XML-RPC i18n-friendly?

Ben Trott says that XML-RPC is just ascii, while Fredrik Lundh says it isn’t. So who is right? I guess that depends on the implementation. This is posted through Zempt (using Eric Kidd’s XML-RPC library) to Movable Type (using Perl’s Soap-Lite module). Can it have international characters? Answer: not quite. Something in the pipeline (either […]

Remote IDE

I first came across UltraEdit as a tool to edit UNIX files on Windows, instead of messing around with telnet and vi: It was a fine text editor with an integrated ftp client that let you easily open, edit and save files to a Unix machine from the comfort of your desktop. BVRDE is much […]


Does Movable Type let you do pages in UTF-8? That would be cool, and let me mix languages freely. Here’s some text in a bunch of characters: שלום Hello Hârn Hmm. This looks good, and the Hebrew (and high-ascii) roundtrips. It kills all the old Hebrew, though (that was iso-8859-8-i). But it’s the way of […]