Notes from my social calendar

Last Thursday, we went to see Amir Lev perform at The Barbi in Kfar Saba. Lev performed accompanied by another Guitarist (Moti Bikovski – “we’ve played together for 10 years and we split the money half and half”, Lev said). The sound was terrible, and they paused midway to tune their instruments; Suzie still complained […]


Since I’m looking at my email from 4(!) computers these days (2 work machines, 2 home machines), I’ve decided it’s time to set-up all my handy-dandy email filters on the server, rather than re-creating them in each mail program. So it’s time to look into configuring procmail, which I’m using anyway for SpamAssassin: Procmail […]

Amotz Zahavi and the Handicap principle

Some links about Amotz Zahavi and his Handicap Principle: a Why We Take Risks, a feature article by Richard Conniff from December 2001, an introduction to The Theory of Honest Signalling from the site of Carl T. Bergstrom, a researcher in Theoretical Biology (here’s another academic page by Michael Lachmann), and a review of Zahavi’s […]