The Golden Age: Uncensored

The golden age: uncensored doctors comics panels with new dialogue. This is probably one of the mildest ones:

Superman Sells Computers

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International Superheroes

International Superheroes describes lots of heroes from around the world. Apparently thanks to Eli Eshed, Israel is also well represented.

Software and Programming

Completing the Free Visual Studio Package…

Free Microsoft Compiler & SDK? check.
Now I need is a Standard C++ Library (Microsoft licenses the one in Visual Studio from Dinkumware; Not surprisingly, it’s not part of the .NET SDK). But the Dinkum site mentions the competitors, and one of them is STLport.

Of course, other people are way ahead of me

Update: Microsoft includes their Standard C++ Library in their official free download of their C++ compiler (link from Joel. (I believe those are command-line tools, so if that scares you, look elsewhere).

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The Art of Unix Programming

The Art of Unix Programming is Eric S. Raymond’s ode to the Unix philosophy of design.

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Guyster Show Updated

The Guyster Show is updated with a new Episode and the magnificent show reel. Go Go Go!