JPEG of death

New Scientist: Article: Software bug raises spectre of ‘JPEG of death’. Microsoft pushed a Windows update on this about a week ago. Now, Slashdot reports that someone actually created a sample JPEG-based exploit (an image that contains a virus that installs remote access software on your PC when read by vulnerable software).

Geek links: screen, CSS, tables and trees

Some geek links: GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner’s tutorial ( Screen is best described as a terminal multiplexer. Using it, you can run any number of console-based applications–interactive command shells, curses-based applications, text editors, etc.–within a single terminal. Ten CSS tricks you may not know ( – and commentary (corrected and improved!) by Tantek […]

Comics To Make Love To

Derek Kirk Kim’s Lowbright – Comics To Make Love To has a news/journal page, but without permanent links (so I can’t link properly to his comic about going to see Harold and Kumar with his mother, or his ComicCon experiences). No RSS feed either, so you actually have to go read it yourself. [ found […]