Dream Profundity

So, I was having this late-morning dream, the kind I linger in because they’re the one place I get to meet chicks, although this was about a congruency of people (brother, uncle, Roger Moore) fighting each other as they struggled down a slope.

“Everyone has an Imaginary sibling”, my subconscious mind was moved to say, “and their relationship with this imaginary brother or sister affects their relationship with their family.”

My subconscious likes to offer such two-cent psychological insights when I wake, a consolation for getting me all emotional about people that don’t exist. Its observations do tend towards the blindingly obvious, although this one came at me from an angle.

My younger brother once did a comic about a kid who fantasized about having a cool and tough older brother to protect him, someone very much like the rock star my brother was re-imagining himself as. As his real-life older brother, that comic made me uneasy, confronting me with feelings of my own inadequacies. But today I asked myself, who was my brother’s actual imaginary sibling, the rock star protector or the kid who yearned for a hero?

And what’s my imaginary brother/sister like?