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Those Meddling Jedi Aunts

Herbert’s inspiration for the Bene Gesserit were his ten maternal aunts, devout Irish Catholics who attempted to force Catholicism upon him in his youth (and ironically thus resulted in him taking up Zen Buddhism instead). All either Jesuits or members the Society of Jesus, the name “Bene Gesserit” was corrupted from “Jesuit”, as Herbert imagined what an all-female Jesuit order would be like.

via Only a Game: Religion in Science Fiction (3): Dune.

Jonah Hex trailer

Yesterday I fall on my face, today I see the Jonah Hex trailer. How appropriate.

via Chris Sims, who also has a (negative) review of the movie – an attempt at a dumber remake of Wild Wild West, he calls it. The trailer does look movie comic-bookish, which is not a good thing for Hex.

PS for Bo and I: Note how they totally ripped off Bandana’s move from like session 4 of Empire of Doors (undocumented, but involved horse-mounted heavy weapons).

WordPress 3.0

Just did a clean upgrade to WordPress version 3 (as opposed to overwriting my existing install) and switched to the new default theme. The only plugins I use are Livejournal CrossPoster and WP Hashcash (for blocking automated spam comments), and I need to write a post and get no spam on it to see if they work, so…

Update: I also moved the root of my blog to instead of; you may need to adjust your feed links (although I’ve got rewrite rules to handle that, I think).