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Paul Jordan

Stop, please, Inter-Galactic Police!

Paul was born in Staten Island in 1985. His father left when he was too young to remember. His mother was mostly interested in herself and her bottle, leaving Paul to become the responsible one, which he did. He cooked, he cleaned, he bought groceries and paid the bills (out of whatever part of her welfare his mother did not drink) and managed to stay at the top of his class. The only outlet he ever allowed himself was comics.

College was never an option for Paul, not even with a scholarship. As soon as he turned eighteen his mother's welfare was cut drastically and he had to go out and get a job. So he went out, and on his very first try landed a lucrative job at the local comic shop, much to his mother's dismay. Secretly, she always wished he would turn to crime, which usually pays much better.

Paul did real well in his new job. Within a month he was practically running the place, and earning a salary that's not horribly humiliating. When the guy who worked there before him resigned (bitter for not getting promoted), Paul hired Richard "Ringo" Starsky (A.K.A. “Ringo”), a local kid he knew from school, in his stead. Later on he also hired (on part time) Terri Fein, the coolest girl he ever met.

A few months after he started working in the shop his mother died, having no more liver to abuse, but inertia and responsibility (and free comics) kept him in the shop. Recently he started to believe that he is an awakened sleeper agent for some kind of universal police force.

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