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the_man_in_black pushed Ringo, the_man_in_white shows up and asks what what, Rigno says the miB hit on his girl, the MiW says he himself did her in the bathroom, Ringo tells him these are famous last words and jumps him. MiW says to him those are too, and jumps him back, getting him in a headlock. MiW throws Ringo to the ground, Ringo breaks free, MiW vanishes and shows up on the fire escape, his arm around Paul's shoulder.

Paul vigorously says what-what to the MiW. MiB disdainfully tries to walk back into the restaurant. Ringo tries to bar his way, and gets rebuffed by MiB's powerforce field. He draws lightning from the sky to smite the MiB, to little effect (although the back door of the restaurant will never be the same again). He tries to tangle the MiB's coat, and fails to gain leverage over the force field's utter contempt for Newton's laws suggestions. However, he keeps pestering the MiB, and dodging his attempts to swat Ringo away. Finally, the MiB flies out of the restaurant and tries to brush Ringo away by slamming through the wall of a neighbouring building. Ringo keeps clinging and they break through and continue their uneven struggle in the furniture warehouse next door.

When Ringo and MiB fly out, MiW takes this as a cue to punch Paul. But Paul is ready for him, and wraps the metal of the fire escape around the MiW with his Telekinesis. With the MiW held, Paul vents at him and urges him to help break up the fight.

As they turn to the warehouse, the MiW actually already inside it, Ringo gives up his attack on the MiB and turns his back in disgust, after his total failure to have any impact on his invincible opponent. Paul returns to the dining area, where Miranda has already ordered dessert. Ringo pauses to clean up in the bathroom, brushing aggressively against the MiW (there is some slamming of bathroom stall doors). Ringo rejoins the party and is sullen as they finish their meal, snubbing the MiB's peace-offering in the form of a dessert cart and bill payment.

Returning home, Paul finds Terri waiting outside his apartment. She makes apologetic overtures, and when Paul evades talking to her, offers to meet him for coffee sometime. He spends the night practicing his TK control of his “iron_man_suit”, until he falls asleep on the couch.

At Ringo's place, Kathleen tells them about her day at the conference and her fascinating evening with Alan Moore. Ringo practices controlling the weather and changing one thing to another. Miranda undoes his changes by morning.

The next morning at breakfast, Kathleen tells her hosts that she's going to be on a panel with Alan Moore. Ringo invites himself and Paul agrees to tag along.

The panel is cool, and Alan Moore reveals that the reason he came to New York is that his sock_puppet told him to bring over a Celtic Hammer he recently discovered.

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