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What's in the Box

Busted of knee and devoid of dignity, Ringo lies between Moe Goldstein and where frank used to lie. Alan Moore and Kathleen visit and sign his cast, and Alan drops heavy hints about what should be done with the stick, which Ringo refuses to pick up. Moore's hints are light as a feather compared to reality's, which chose the moment in which Ringo taps his stick to page a doctor Blake on the PA system. Moe complains about Miranda Rollins not calling him, but when Ringo offers another payment he unclenches. Moe then moves to voicing concerns over his other bitches, and his pad, on which Ringo, being such a kind-hearted god of war, offers to check up.

But later. First Ringo and Paul go back to the shop, from which a crying Batsheba emerges, saying its personal. Ringo and Paul go to the_alley to check out the stick. After a proper, four-syllable whack on the pavement, it becomes its mighty owner's hammer, as seen in Alan Moore's possession, only bright and shiny. The noise attracts a tired looking Eric, who asks Paul to front him two and a half gees for this mean new machine he purchased (and only half paid). Paul agrees, but conditions the front with seeing the machine in action, to which Eric reluctantly agrees (it's his! His precious!) That evening P&R head to Kowalski's place, where Paul admires Eric's amazing machine. He also sees that the machine is draining Eric's life force as he plays its highly-addictive game.

Paul follows the psychic drain lines which draw Eric's life force across town, under the river and across the US. In Paul's bubble, Ringo and he travel all the way to the drainage's source: Hank Computers, a computer store in Dodge City Western Mall KA.

They break into the computer store and confront the owner and the creator of the box, Hank Vargan, apparently an alien from planet Vargan. Vargan admits to spreading life-force sucking hardware across the globe, but protests that he only did this because he's got to eat. Paul agrees, and suggests he help Vargan with distrubution, so that more machines will decrease the drain on each user (and also promote the singularity).

Paul and Ringo head back with a consignment of 60 machines for distribution through the shop. After filling up the store room with this junk, they head for Moe's pad. The two non-Mirandas (Dona and Sharlene) are indeed in Moe's place, having great fun, breaking in a new third girl. Paul stays to help them practice.

The next day, Paul is rejuvenated and refreshed, and has great success in selling more Boxes to assorted acquaintances Of whom he makes another list). He also updated the Embassy about his dealings with Vargan, and sells the John Blake, aka The Synthoid a box to check out. The latter gave Paul a psycho-meter to measure psychic activities in its proximity, so he can track any ill effects of the machine.

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