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Triple Mystery

No one has to run alone.


Thomas Havers

Did you mean Transporter?Trainspotter, investigating Trains that experienced missing time. Works as a Real Estate surveyor, has a wife, two kids and a sheepdog. And a niece.

Albert Zeitberg

image could not be obtained for unknown reasonsGhostbuster LLC - Supernatural investigator. It has been rumored that he opened a portal through which others entered our world. He's based in London, in an alley of the bad side of Oxford street. Has a storefront and a 1 bedroom apt. above it. Handy with his walking cane that functions as a Shillelagh and a magical wand. Zeitberg half-heartedly tries to conceal the fact that he is the unrecognized and impoverished Duke of Beaufort, but his arrogant manner and posh behavior stand in the way. Lives alone.

Connie McMillan

Consequences of cabbage tea A smart bimbo in trouble. She's been having strange and bad dreams, which she believes are caused by external paranormal influence. She becomes smarter because of these dreams, Lawnmower Man-like, but without being retarded in the first place. She's having strange thoughts which are driving her crazy. Single. Fucks her boss, who is now on vacation with his family.



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