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Ze Frenchies

  • Minions of the Evil Warlock, belligerent and prone to violence, these handsome yet murderous young blond bastards are immune both to his Lordship's natural aura of command, due to their continental nature, and to Connie's feminine wiles, because they also share that other well known continental penchant. Therefore, there is no recourse but to resolve their interference with the utmost non-non-violence.
  • Most striking feature of the evil Frenchies (besides their atrocious accent) is that they all look very similar to each other. As if they were twins (or triplets, or quintiplets…), or clones
    • Or a single time traveler
  • Drive around in a antique American green flatbed truck our car iz big and green, our car goez far, in ze morning it drivez in the evening it returnz, bringz it from tnuva ze milk and ze eggz
  • Very good at disappearing.
  • First Frenchie encountered at Evil Warlock's place on 23 Mirkwood rd.
  • Second quickly followed
  • Third was encountered in Bristol, right after Cynthia took off
  • A fourth was glimpsed around the London Eye

Next time we should scan them and find out exactly what the fuck they are

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