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Real Estate

  • Thomas Havers is a real-estate surveyor who lives in a house he owns in Oxford
    • The house on Mirkwood rd. 23 is also registered to the same Thomas Havers, although he claims to have not know about it
  • Albert Zeitberg lives in a small alley coming off Oxford st., right above his shop
    • The whole alley is owned by the estate of the Duke of Beaufort and is managed by a law firm
  • Connie McMillan lives in a small-yet-posh London pad that is officially owned and kept by her boss.
  • Evil Warlock used to reside at 23 Mirkwood rd., Oxford, and the house is registered to Havers.
  • The London Eye seems to be playing a major role in the whole Underground Railroad business.
  • Or perhaps it's the 'I' train coming from London to Oxford (and then Bristol)
  • Connie thinks it's something to do with Leylines, pyramids, 16-cells and such

The Pattern

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