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69 minutes from London125 years from London

  1. Thomas Havers missed a train, only to find that it apparently skipped over him, and - with all the passengers and their timepieces - over 23 minutes
  2. A similar incident back in 1883 was reported in the diary of ancient British spotter, Sir John Gretton
    1. While the unconscious Connie McMillan was being kidnapped from the Oxford railway station by a crazy, knife wielding TZAFRATUKI, said 1883 steam locomotive was seen and photographed entering the station
    2. Mike, the drug-dealing-secret-agent street poet, saw the Gretton train being polished and prepared on the Other Side, but alas, he still didn't tell anyone about it
    3. Recently, the same train was seen crashing through the London Eye like a clown out of a hoop
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