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Other Side

  1. Of reality, of course
  2. Things from there may end up here, allegedly with the help of one Albert Zeitberg
  3. It is from there that Connie's dreams are coming
  4. Cabbage tea, as prescribed by the Decapodian Doctor, dulls the connection to it
  5. Every person has a parallel on the Other Side (“immortal sole”, they sometimes call it), but some of the things on the Other Side have no parallel here
  6. It is those unparalleled things that tend to illegally immigrate
  7. the Evil Warlock seems to be one, occupying a stolen human body
  8. His computer contained a primitively coded e-mail correspondence pointing at the existence of an Underground Railroad for these unparalleled (referred to in the correspondence as “The Boys”)
  9. According to Albie they usually use human bodies (“cars” in the correspondence), but we did meet one (Cynthia, “girlfriend” of Philip Arch, the Bristol Kid, whose e-mail participated in the correspondence) who - again according to Albie and his monocle - was walking around “naked”
  10. “evil” Mike, an Otersidian associated with the Underground Railroad, reflection of Mike, explained that our reality is the real one, and that it is wasted on us - hence the invasion
  11. Evil Connie, with whom we discussed metaphysics on the Other Side added that while we are one reality, they “are legion”
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