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Evil Warlock

  1. Somehow rode Connie's connection to the Other Side
  2. When she tried to block him with cabbage tea, he just used more power, which caused her some kind of seizure
  3. Alby broke this foul connection, and tracked the perpetrator to 23 Mirkwood road, Oxford
  4. The house is registered to T. Havers, which the Evil Warlock - apparently as a part of some grand real estate scam - later professed to be
  5. The house is guarded by an unending litter of armed French boytoys
  6. When finally cornered, the warlock seemed to be a really nice guy, but when his true fang-and-claw nature was revealed through the dexterous use of a magical monocle, an evil creature infesting his human shell grappled Albie and knocked his cane away - only to bravely run away when Tom hit him over the head with cold iron (what the hell did he use?)
  7. Searching his computer revealed his connections to an Underground Railroad smuggling his kind over
  8. Albie pilfered a magical mirror from his place - making a big show of asking Thomas, the registered owner of the house, for permission - which turned out to not quite be what he was hoping for it to be
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