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All the King's Horses

Madame Tussauds' guillotine room. Full moon. Dark ritual. Crazy French old chicks made out of wax. Fight scene.

Most damage is done by the magical shillelagh wielding Zeitberg, Connie gets a few thai-bo moves (“I was Nikita on TV!”) and Thomas does his share through sheer British madness, but more and more wax figures join the fight as it progresses. Philip seems conscious, but spends his time being confused, and then - after the axeman joins the fight - spends it trying to not be guillotinized by an anxious French executioner.

Eventually even the candles join the fight, but then Connie figures out the pattern in it and tries to topple the guillotine over to create some kind of short circuit. Thomas helps her, and when the guillotine topples but falls short he bridges the connection with his bare hands (or was that in Back to the Future?). Through this Zeitberg sends a pulse to push the invading spirits out of *our* reality and let sleeping wax lie.

The extensive commotion seems to not have attracted any attention, so Connie takes the time to talk with Philip. All are shocked to reveal that he is not really Bristol kid (Philip Arch), but another kid called “Philip Morse” that is inhabiting the Bristol Kid's body. He is thirteen or fourteen years old, and was born in the eighteen seventies. Last thing he recalls is taking a train to Bristol, to meet a woman named Cynthia who must have drugged and kidnapped him.

Outside is Victorian England, where the kid is from.

Kid knows the duke of beaufort, where they go, influence the butler, and make blue tea.

Meet the duke, cross shillelaghs, kid laughs hysterically, and starts eating and drinking stuff that was not there before, including the thinning reality, again in nowadays wax museum, that is burning down.

Connie wiles the authorities for them to make their escape. Someone else is in Philip's body, apparently (another Philip Arch).

Later on, Connie on the puter realizing IT IS today.

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