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Short Unexpected Party

Facebook party arrives at Tom's, by absent courtesy of Philip Arch (of Underground Railroad fame), the Bristol Kid. While Havers prepares the boiling oil, Connie spots and befriends the party's drug dealer, who points her at Jordan, school-mate of Philip. With a wag of her tail, Connie arranges all the male-folk (Jordan too) into marching order and away to pay Phil a visit in Bristol.

Answering the door is an older woman called Cynthia, claiming to be Philip's girlfriend. Albert scans her with the monocle and proclaims her a brave new type of Othersidian (or at least a brave new realization of one into our reality). She offers tea, but Jordan is the only one who fails to heed Albie's exquisite mime performance and actually drink it.

While Havers keeps Cynthia busy with her porcelain doll collection, Albie pokes around with his usual air of supremacy. He takes Connie to Philip's room, where they find a locked chest. Albert fonzies the lock with his staff and reveals cleanly separated body parts. Philip parts, to be exact.

Connie's scream brings everyone into the room. Jordan faints (maybe it's the tea), and Cynthia tries to use the distraction and slip out of the room unnoticed. Thomas, keen of eye as always, spots her and hurls the first thing under his hand to block the door. Cyntia is much faster and she manages to shut the door, and as Philip's right arm hits the door something in the chest goes OUCH.

Cynthia locks the door after her, and it sounds as if she is hurriedly leaving the house. Albie shazams the lock, and they hang out in the apartment while Connie hacks Philip's computer, finding bizarre VB sharewares with pyramids and ratio calculations and heavy conspiracy theory overtones. She copies all this onto her USB and then goes into a trance, mumbling about how it all fits together, and how a hexadecachoron constructed of 529 Othersidians is about to tear reality a new arsehole.

Despite her uncle's objections, Zeitberg applies naked wires shock therapy to the clearly hysterical maiden, and she snaps right out of it. Jordan is still out. No one is even thinking about electrocuting *him*. Then Connie - a chip of the old DIKT - spots the Frenchmobile spewing Ze Frenchies1) outside. At least two of them.

Everyone who is conscious agrees that getting out of the apartment fast is the smart thing to do. Connie takes the car keys and runs to the car. Havers, who is less smart, takes Jordan (see pic, but render a guy on top) and follows as fast as he can. It seems like the fighting might be avoided, but Zeitberg, unable to let good Philip go to waste, starts schlepping the heavy chest, and thus encumbered, the Frenchies quickly catch up with him so that both himself and Havers are forced to engage in that fine mix of bar brawling, old-school pyrotechnics and an almost giddy approach to CGI that we call a fight-scene.

Not to mention old school schlepping.

Meanwhile Connie has made it to the car and carefully got out of the parking spot, causing only slight damage to the car. She picks up Thomas, drives by his fell Frenchie, picks up sleeping Jordan, picks up smoking-staff Albert and drives by *his* Frenchie, and then drives past the Frenchmobile, where all can see yet another identical Frenchie.

After they abandon the groggy Jordan in a pub in Bristol (“he must be used to it”), they all drive to London. Thomas makes excuses to his wife en-route and Connie vouches for him (he is helping her with a terrible problem). Dropping Albie and Connie with the chest at Albie's off-Oxford St. office, Tom departs in search of parking.

Connie and Albie continue into the lavish offices of Ghostbuster llc. (floor plan needed). Albie finds that the door is ajar, and that the office has been ransacked - although none of the magical apparatuses have been disturbed. Approaching the mirror Albert stole from the Evil Warlock, Connie notices they both have no reflection.

did Cynthia call them? Where they following Connie's ethereal trail? Or maybe they just got invitation to fight-scene? Find out when YOU are running the game!
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