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Sometimes called Miranda Rawlins

Venus is the goddess of love, who is older as Ringo, if not more, and has been considered his wife in many incarnations. As Miranda Rawlins she was an executive at DC's Virgin Comics before riding her bike into Ringo's life. She is the most beautiful human being Ringo and any of his fellows ever seen, and is the perfect wife by many standards. Venus is a singular intelligence occupying many bodies. In some of the bodies, the caged ones, the personality is not aware of the rest of Venus. Venus runs the Istar Construction corp., owns G&G, among many others, and holds a yearly conference through the Isis Foundation sponsors of Women are from Venus - Modern American Woman Empowerment Group Conference, to periodically make sure that the caged personalities (sometimes wrongly referred to as fragments) are doing all right. She has a different sense of right and wrong then Ringo is accustomed to (assimilating Miranda Rollins for one).

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