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Adventures in Manhattan and beyond

Vampires of New York

Bennesy was assigned by his Cabal mentors (a dude named Lucas) to find and bring into custody a chick called Kim Neumann.

Barman in Red Rose = Vadim (there is also a chubby waitress called …)

Dominic barman in the French Wine Basement place, Saint Germain

Kim got scouted at the Red Rose by a Jean Villon, a manager/hustler (entrepreneur ontrajanuerre) who picked her up for Louis, the vampire running Saint Germain.

Stew terrified Villon with bugs. Bennesy gave him money.

They got jumped/purse snatched - Bennesy's wallet was taken, and found without the cash (and some cards).

Louis in turn gave Kim to the Vampire Prince of House Sebastian, Charles.

They are taken by Louis in a limo to Charles' mansion, saw Charles' entourage and two chicks, Kim and Brittany (not Kimberly), a sweet redhead.

Charles agrees to give them Kim in return for retrieving an artifact from a church in Montreal, a cup that is usually kept in the Vatican, and is on display in Montreal. It is rumored to be the Holy Grail.

They board a flight (tickets paid by Vampires), and in the inflight movie, they see an episode of Buffy with hooded figures murmurring and chanting over a very well-researched Pentagram - in the center of the Pentagram, bfore the camera pans away, they see the photo of Kim that bennesy has been holding.

The Montreal Grail


Stained Glass

Glass Cage

Liquefy Glass spell

Lights on the inside to blind the spirits in the stained glass

Eight-dimensional rotations are tricky business

Jesus and Saint Sebastian lay down the smack down

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