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The modified one.

One of the Arkansas group, Abigail is the twin sister of Bethany and the prize protegee / clone-child of Doctor Thatcher. She is the product of the invisible girl project, and has the mimetic abilities of a cuttlefish or octopus, able to control the color and seeming texture of her skin at sub-milimeter resolution and so mimic her surroundings so efficiently that she is effectively invisible even at intimate range.

As a secondary ability necessary for the the camouflage ability to work effectively, Abigail can “see” with her entire skin, so that her “front” can know what is visible from her “back”. This makes it pretty difficult to surprise her.

Raised in research facilities, training camps and an illegal experimental chicken farm, Abigail often exhibits a certain ruthlessness when dealing with problems.

Her hobbies include watching TV, watching YouTube, Southern Cooking and the garrote.

More photos, because they were good:

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